1000Pip Builder Review – Verified Statement Busted

1000Pip Builder might appear a real deal to most of you. But wait, there is a hidden side of it. No doubt the website has verified results, but apart from that, there are lots of fishy thing on their sales page. And there is one big problem with the 3rd party verified results, which I want to point out in this review. So, make sure you read this entire review, to discover the things hidden from plain sight.

Official Website: http://www.1000pipbuilder.com/



First of all, 1000Pip Builder is a signal software that works over Meta Trader 4 platform. The plugin performs technical analysis to forecast future price action of the asset. It is a manual trading system. What this means is, the software will only tell you when to enter and exit a trade. With limits including stoploss and take profit.


The plugin can send SMS and email notification about a potential trade. Apart from this there is no useful information about the software or its underlying strategy.

Who Is Behind the System?

Bob. Seriously. Who Bob? Yes, the website appears to be making a joke here. There is no full name, social media profile or even a photo of the man behind the system.


I can say for sure that Bob is a fictitious name, and the real founder doesn’t want to appear either he is not credible or doesn’t have the experience he is lying about.

Proof of Performance

The website is claiming that the signal software makes around 600 to 1000 pips in profit per month.


But the fact of the matter is their verified Myfxbook statement tells another story.


If you will look closely you will notice that the equity, gain curve on the image is completely different from the one on Myfxbook page. So what there are doing is clever deceit. The Image on the website is different whereas the results on MyFxbook are different.

Moreover, the MyFxbook results don’t even appear that much profitable. That is the statement posted on MyFxBook is only for 3 months and few days. This doesn’t prove anything.


Apart from this the testimonials also appear to be fake. There is no picture of the person giving the feedback. After the misrepresentation of the statement, I seriously doubt their testimonials as well. So I am looking for better proof this time.


Finally, my advice is straight forward. Do not trust the app. They are using clever deceit on their landing page. The verified results are not the one shown on the landing page, and MyFxbook chart is completely different than the graphic chart. All you’ll be doing by testing their service is killing time.

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