10K Everyday App – Binary Fraud Exposed

10K Everyday App is a scam 3rd party binary options trading app. There is nothing innovative about the app, it is just a loss making clone of generic trading app. The only twist is in the scam video. The first thing you will notice is a guarantee to make 10K per day. However, there is no proof of it. I will come to it later. But first, you might have noticed the spot available counter. This is a fake counter just to build scarcity, a common con-artist tactic.


Scam App Overview

In the pitch video the guy promising by-passer 10K is just a paid actor. In fact the random beta tester is also a paid actor. Let me give you undeniable evidence.


Richard Banks who is claiming to be the founder of 10k Everyday App, has nothing to with binary trading or finance. His real name is Greg James and as I have previously said he is a paid actor. Watch for yourself, his commercial video taken from acting reel. You can watch the video yourself from the link below



The very same actor could also be seen in Instant Cash Club scam; however, his alias was Thomas Jordan in Instant Cash pitch video.

Is the App Free?

Yes no. If you forgive the expression. This is how the scam operates. They promise that the app is free but in order to gain access, you need to fund a binary account over which it will trade. Now, this is the catch. The app is a free as well as worthless piece of software; all they want from you is to fund an account with their illegitimate broker.

What about the App?

Like I’ve said the App is 3rd party cloned app, it is worthless and proven to pile up loss after loss. And the money the app losses their illegitimate broker earns. There is no strong fundamental behind the software or a sound strategy.

Conclusion About 10K Everyday

10K Everyday is a very dangerous scam. Apart from all the things mentioned above, it is also reported that they will try to install an ‘exe’ file without user consent. The ‘exe’ file is either a spyware, virus or a malware. I will strongly suggest you to not even signup with them. They will not only scam you but might also infect your computer or mobile device.

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