1k daily profit review: Scam Exposed

Talking about binary options scams- another name to join the bandwagon is 1k daily profit. Before exposing this one as essentially a scam, let’s explore what it has to offer you. Traders who have already received a private invitation from 1k daily profit – and have invested their money as well – must already have realized that the only ones raking in the profits here are the fraudsters endorsing this scam.

However, if you’re still mulling an investment here, then we’ll ask you to think otherwise. This in-depth 1k daily profit review will tell you why.

Software Scam Fake Promises

They claim 25 people will get access. Seriously?

1k daily profit: It’s Claims

John Becker, the founder of 1k daily profit software welcomes you to the world of 1k daily profit signals – rather his “inner circle” (supposedly consisting of a limited number of people) where you can make at least $1000 bucks in profits every day.

A 14 minute 30 second- long video (roughly) gives you a sneak-peek into the workings of the “highly skilled sniper”- i.e. 1k daily profit software. He claims you can even make over $1500 dollars in 7 hours (on a paltry deposit of $250) !!! Can you trust their 2016 binary options signals? Let’s find out why not!

1K daily profits fake promise

You will not be making $1,000 per day.

The automated trading system helmed by Becker supposedly enables you to make these insane profits even if you don’t have prior knowledge of trading.

Exposing 1k daily profit as a scam: The process begins

Now you don’t really have to be the Poirot of the world of binary trading to comprehend the enormity of debauchery these guys are trying to pull off. The video itself offers you ample opportunities to spot the red flags. Find out more about their binary options signals.

While they claim to take up only 2 or 5 minutes of your time, the video is actually almost 15-minute long. You are also informed that the link will expire if you choose to leave the page and come back “later”. However, you can easily access it at least two or three times without difficulty- even after leaving the site. Point driven home. These guys behind 1k daily profit system have not even cared to rectify this glaring mistake in their rush to establish scam trading software as a virtual money spinner for traders.

Software Scam Fake Video

It says you can’t click back. That’s a lie.

What’s more? By creating such a long video they have unwittingly given you more time to spot all those discrepancies.

Then, we’ve got these endorsers hailing the magical algorithm. Guess what? None of them seem to have a name!! Not even a fake one. They’re supposed to be people from Becker’s inner circle but without names or designations. So, basically you don’t really have to do your research to figure out that they’re fake advocates.

The photo of John Becker (the supposed founder of the 1k daily profit app) is taken from Shutterstocks.com. Here’s the link to the same substantiating our claim:


The world of binary options is no stranger to scammers making liberal use of paid actors or recycled photos of models and trying to pass them off as pictures of their founders. These guys behind the 1k daily profit scam software couldn’t have acted otherwise.

binary options swindle

This guy isn’t real – it’s a binary options swindle.

A sagacious trader will never trust a demo trading account to offer them real proof of the actual results of binary options trading. What more? Binary Options trading is anything but risk-free. And, if these guys are assuring you that their autopilot embraces no risk then you’re being obnoxiously befooled.

1k daily profit: Trust it at your own risk

It’s quite surprising that they have ended up creating such a long video – featuring a person going insane while indulging in water-sports, dubious endorsements and bad fonts – but not a minute is spent on explaining how “genuine” the algorithm is. Why should you consider it to be a “breakthrough algorithm” and not scam software then?

1k Daily profit binary options lies

A fountain of binary options lies.

Don’t trust 1k daily profit signals. The aforementioned red flags should be reason enough for you to steer clear.

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