30K Challenge Review – Binary Scam Exposed

The 30k Challenge is a scam robot by Joey Altair. It is blacklisted and there are innumerous complaints about the software. The 30 days 30k challenge is all hoax. Now I am sure you have received lots of spam emails promoting this app. Few of the emails might also be claiming incredible results with the app. But let me just tell you it is nothing but a big fat lie. The spammers get the commission to promote this scam. This is the reason the scammer behind such website is able to defraud so many people.



First of all, the pitch video starts with a sweet little testimonial. Now the testimonials are all fake and only to build trust around their scam. The scammers understand if one can build trust at the very start they can easily get you to do anything they want. Just like all the proceeding testimonials the first testimonial is fake and done by an actor over Fivesquid.


Now, this clearly proves that the software hasn’t made any money for him, but was paid five quid by the scammer.

Who Is Joey Altair?


The offer Joey is giving out is too good to be true. Meaning if you don’t earn 30K in 30 days Joey will personally send you $1000. So it’s a win-win situation. Actually, it’s all lie, he hasn’t paid anyone anything. Moreover, Joey is also a fictitious character, with his image purchased from stock photography website.


This clearly proves even the founder isn’t real and using fake image purchased from deposit photos.

How 30K Challenge Works?

There is very little information how the system work. Virtually no information is provided in the pitch video about the sort of analysis the app makes for trading. A profitable app has strong fundaments and money management at play. Without knowing the underlying strategy, you are risking too much with this app.


Finally, there are lots of warning signs when it comes to 30K Challenge. First of all, the founder of the app is fake. The image of him is stock photograph plus there is no information about him on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or any other website. Secondly, all the testimonials are fake and are either done over Fivesquid or Fiverr. There is no proof that the app actually works. Lastly, there is no information how the app picks its trade. Lastly, I would strongly advise you not to fall victim to this scam. Their dishonest intentions have been well exposed. Avoid them at all cost.

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