500K Project Review – Scam Alert

$500K project first impression is really bad. They are using all the feature which are telltale signs of a scam binary options offer. Read till the end of the review and I will unveil 500K Project Scam.


500K Project First Impression

To be honest the first impression is really bad. The scammer behind $500k Project is using the tactics to rush you to the sign-up process. First of all, the headlines claim you have only limited time to take action i.e. few minutes with the countdown. Secondly, on the lower right corner, you will notice the copies remaining countdown. These are automatic scripts which are only there to create urgency and scarcity so you don’t have enough time to think. However, nothing happens when the time run outs and the copies left will always stop at 1.

In addition, the main landing page also incorporates fake logos and certificates. They are only to build fake credibility and nothing happens when you click them.


500K Project Claim

The spokesperson in the video claims to have made millions with 500k Project software. However, all the proof he has shown are just screenshots of PayPal, email and bank account. Now, this kind of proof is pretty easy to fabricate and take minutes to fake using photoshop. Trust me I have seen thousands of such claims which morphed software.


Brad Callen in the pitch video claims that the software he coded himself could generate you $500,000. However, there is no verifiable proof that the system has done it for anybody. No credible testimonials and no third party verified statement.

How 500K Project Works

There is very little information about the real working behind the strategy. Only a crappy story how Brad used to study books in the library after his divorce. There is a hint thou that the system might be based on High-Frequency Trading, but it’s just speculation. Without any idea of how the system works and putting it to auto trading mode could be very dangerous.

Final Words About 500K Project

The system is an outright scam. The entire pitch video is filled with lies. There is no proof that the system actually works. Apart from morphed software account balance. The website also claims that its member has made around $9.3 Million. But there are no testimonials.

Moreover, the scammer behind the 500K Project claims that the software is free. This is only half truth. No doubt the software is free as well as worthless. There are thousands of reviews against 500K Project app. But in order to activate the crappy software app you need to open and fund a fresh account with their choice of broker.

My advice is to kick 500K Project, it’s really not worth a try.

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