5EMAs Forex System Review – Worthless Trading System

From the very first impression, 5EMAs Forex System website looks completely unprofessional. But what about the underlying strategy is it profitable, does it really works? Read the entire review to find out more about the 5EMAs Forex System and its actual performance.

Website Address: http://5emas-forex-system.com/



5EMAs Forex System is a forex trading strategy based on Exponential Moving Averages. It comes with a custom indicator which makes use of 5 EMAs, that works over Meta Trader 4 platform. The trading strategy is a manual system meaning it is unlike automated trading robot and will not place trades automatically. You need to execute trades yourself, manually.


The strategy incorporates multiple exits at different levels for conservative and aggressive trading styles.

Does It Really Work?

From the screenshot, it looks that the system is really profitable. In fact, that is the whole purpose of the screenshots.


EMA (Exponential Moving Averages) repaints like crazy. While trading due to volatility you might receive a trade signal and at the next moment, the signal might be completely opposite. This is what happens when you are dealing with an indicator that redraws. It only looks profitable on historical chart and the curve aligns to the stable market price.

Secondly, what they are showing on the chart are not actual trades. They are just marking, or hypothetical trades. Remember these are not actual trades.

If the system is really profitable then no doubt they would have published 3rd party verified statement. The account statements published on the sales letter is a child play to manipulate and fabricate. I have seen this on tons of scam website.


But What About the Testimonials

It is a scammer web page and he can post anything he wishes. The testimonials are very easy to fabricate and in case of 5EMAs Forex system the social proof is anything but true.


For actual feedback you need to review what 3rd party feedback site has to say about the system. I am sharing a screenshot with actual feedback from a review site. These are real feedback from users who have used the trading strategy.



5EMAs Forex System simply doesn’t work. I had given all the proof above. Finally, it based on indicators that exponentially redraws itself to look nice on past price chart. Hence, my advice is to completely kick this system off. The website claims are complete lie, with software that is worthless.

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