7 Figure Months: A Real Investment, Or A Blatant Scam?

7 Figure Months Scam review- In this 7 Figure Months review I cover a new service that promises to give you exactly what their name says. But can it actually be a legit binary trading software, or is it just another scam? In this review, we’ll present you with all the evidence that we’ve found through our research. In the end, we’ll let you decide. By the time you finish this article, you’ll be much better informed about where to invest your hard earned money.

7 figure months home

Another binary scam website – this one is insane!

What Does 7 Figure Months Offer?

The hallmarks of a scam are evident since you first hit their website, on 7figuremonths.com. As with most other binary trading scams, the landing page presents the visitor with an auto-play video and a quick registration form. This is already a pretty bad sign, but there’s even more.

7 Figure Months Congrats

Binary options propaganda.

The video presents us with Martin Saunders, a man posing as a millionaire who offers the user  the opportunity to make a million dollars a month, with just a few clicks. Yes, he actually offers people to become millionaires in 30 days with just a quick registration and deposit. That’s around $35,000 dollars a day. But as if that ridiculous claim was not enough, the video gives us more evidence of the 7 Figure Months fraud.

7 Figure Months Bank

Fake bank statements with no real profits.

No matter how much we looked, we were not able to find any record of any notable investor named Martin Saunders on the internet. If he’s as incredibly rich as he claims on the video, finding him online shouldn’t be difficult in the least.

Proof Of 7 Figure Months Binary Trading SCAM

7 Figure Months Actress

This binary options fraudster has ALREADY been caught before.

In the video, “Martin” introduces us to a woman that has been using the service for a month, and has just recently made her first million dollars with the service. But if you’ve read our other binary scam reviews here on Expand Your Profits, you might recognize her from another binary software promotional video. She appeared in the Nesdek app video before this one. As I said in that pervious review, Nesdek turned out to be a scam.

7 Figure Months Actress AGAIN

Here she is pitching Nesdek App!

Additionally, the testimonies Martin Saunders gives in the video don’t make any sense. According to our research, the 7figuremonths.com domain has only been registered since June 2016, and yet he claims that he has already helped several people become billionaires with his service. He mentions that the offer is limited to only 20 lucky people, but this number has never been changed or modified since the website was started back in June.

The most important piece of evidence is a strange claim that Martin Saunders makes, almost without giving it a second thought. He says that his binary trading system makes use of a loophole, and that’s why it makes incredible amounts of money in such short amounts of time.

7 Figure Months Illegal

Sometimes the binary BS is too much. I have to laugh.

Martin even clarifies that the system is completely illegal, and that the user must not share the website with other people. If the service were actually real and illegal, it would only take days before it got took down from the internet. And if the service were “secret”, why would he put it on a website for everyone to see?

Conclusion: 7 Figure Months Is The WORST Scam!

Pretending to be a stock broker to make money off rookie investors is one thing, but 7 Figure Months is on another level. Their software is completely fake, their service is not legit at all, and even if it actually worked, it still wouldn’t be “legitimate” anyway! Don’t even bother looking at their website, it’s an obvious scam.

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