The Alderley Code Review: Is It Real?

The Alderley Code is a fancy new Binary Options trading software that offers to make you rich. What makes Binary Options trading software so compelling is the idea of generating profits passively and with the help of a robot. But as you will see in our review, they always pose a threat of being fraudulent or completely unsafe.

Alderley Code Software Scam

The website for the Alderley code scam.

Here at Expand Your Profits, we’ve taken the task of making sure an investment option is safe. That way you don’t have to risk your own money to find out. As we’ve mentioned, the software promoted by this company is presented as “The Alderley Code.”

It was developed by a man identified as Grant Alderley, the CEO and founder of “The Alderley Wealth Group.” He talks about how he’s presenting us with an exclusive opportunity to make thousands of dollars in a single day. His exact words are “around $2000 in the very first day,” which is a frankly absurd amount of money that no automatic trading software could ever achieve.

This is the first red flag that we could find, and even though they tried to make sure his business appeared as clean as possible, there’s a lot of other bad signs that we will mention right below.

First Things First: The Facts About The Alderley Code

Alderley Code Fake Binary Option

A scam binary option broker deposit bonus.

As investigations usually go, the first and most important step usually comes down to simple fact checking. Grant Alderley claims in his video that he used the information compiled from the Alderley Wealth Group’s database, cumulated over many years, to come up with the Alderley Code’s automatic trading algorithm.

If any of this were true, there would surely be evidence of the Group’s presence and wealth somewhere on the Internet. But when you try to look up the Alderley Wealth Group, or Grant Alderley himself – you’ll find nothing more than SCAM warnings and recent web pages with no relevant information.

With this fact alone, the Alderley Code’s proposition already seems to have fallen flat. But if you’re still not convinced, there’s more. We want to make sure your wallet and bank account are completely safe from hacks such as the Alderley Code’s creators. It’s especially important to beware of services like this one, who go as far as they can to make their business seem legit.

Does The Alderley Code Hold Up? NO

Alderley Code Software Reivew

It’s supposedly a limited opportunity, but there’s no way that’s true.

Grant Alderley mentions over and over again how your funds are going to be “100% insured and guaranteed.” He has nothing to back that claim up. Moreover, the homepage only displays the presentation video and the quick registration form that only asks for name and email. This is evidently an attempt at differentiating his “business” with other scams.

He makes it look as if he shares no red flags with other binary trader scams, but it’s still right there if you know where to look.

Conclusion: The Alderley Code Is Another Fraud!

Stay away from it as much as you can; it might sound like a nice and sophisticated proposition at first. The truth is that it’s backed up by nothing and it offers no real security whatsoever. Be careful with your money and investments, folks!

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