Apple Mobile Bot Scam – 10K A Month Claim Busted

Apple Mobile Bot scam is blacklisted and their 10K a month hook is a lie. First of all, whenever I see pictures of dollar bill on the website I immediately know that this is some kind of scam.  The scammer behind the website wants your email address badly and will prompt annoying popups. Please read the complete review as I expose this dangerous scam.

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Apple Mobile Bot scam is a typical binary option scam, the only different is in what we call unique scam point. They site is trying to leverage on Apple company.

Gunnar Errikson founder of the APL Bot is claiming that he made $26 Million from the Apple Stock during the last 5 Years. The guy in the video is simply a paid actor. I have googled Gunnar Errikson and haven’t found anything about him, not even social media profiles. So I am sure that he is just a fictitious character. However, what I do find about him was tons of negative review about Gunnar. With people sharing their rip-off stories and labeling Gunnar a con-artist.

How The APL Bot Works?

The sales video share very little information about the APL Bot underlying strategy. It is crucial that the system has sound strategy in order to make consistent profit. Whereas, in the sales pitch it keeps on telling how profitable the Apple Stock is. So what they are giving out is misinformation. No doubt Apple is giant, but how does APL Bot makes $10,000 a month that they are claiming.

The fact of the matter is; the app has nothing to do with Apple stock. It doesn’t even trade Apple Binary options but rather different currencies.

App Store and Play Store Icon?

It is a typical cloned app, there isn’t anything special about the software. Another lie on their landing page is they have shown logos of Android Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows Store. However, their app isn’t listed on any of the stores they are claiming. This is another proof that the app is clone binary options software.



On inside, i.e. the members page you will see some testimonials, now these testimonials are fabricated. How can I say it? Well if you will just google image search the picture you will notice either the picture is a stock photo or stolen from some other website. This clearly proves that the testimonials are fake.



There is no proof that the Bot actually makes money. I mean nothing which could be verified. Apart from this, the AppleBot isn’t free as well. You need to deposit fund with a new binary broker. And unless and until you do so the bot won’t get activated.

Lastly, I will advise you to simply pass the Apple Mobile Bot scam. It is only proven to not work, the internet is literally littered with negative review regarding the bot. Simply don’t trust them.

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