Arab Money Machine Fraud – Busted

Arab Money Machine Fraud. It is a blacklisted binary options robot. From the very first impression, it looks scam to me. However, I will lay this hoax bare and provide you inside information about this fraudulent app.

The pitch starts with a stock footage of Dubai. It is well-known fact that Dubai has wealthy citizen and huge Per Capita income. Now that is the main theme of the scam. Making you believe somehow you can tap into riches with some secret relating to oil-rich Arab.


The hook here is “A New Millionaire is Made Every Day”. The reason it is called a hook is to suck you in.

If you will scroll the page little bit lower, you will see logos which does nothing when you click them. They are here to send a subliminal message that this site could be trusted. It is strategically placed just below the signup box.




Fair enough, testimonials are the real deal. Like I always say, if the software is good, and working well for other guys why it can’t do the same for you? There is nothing wrong with it only if the testimonials are real. Scammer either hire actors to record a testimonial usually from Fiverr or fabricate testimonials by stealing images from the internet with a false feedback.

So from Fiverr, you can select any actor, pay them five dollars and they will say anything. In this case, all the above reviews are done by actors from Fiverr. Cindy B. from New York is just a paid actor hired from Fiverr. Check this for yourself.


Now check the other guy from Testimonial, Mathew. As you might have already guessed he is also an actor hired from Fiverr.


Same with the third person. I think there is no need to prove it. But again, the only reason there aren’t any real testimonial from a real person is because there is no one to vouch for Arab Money Machine fraud. The software simply doesn’t work.

Arab Money Machine Claims

The pitch video is claiming that they have spots only for 100 beta testers. This is nothing a big fat lie. They want to use scarcity tactic to suck you in, without giving you enough time to rationally evaluate all the options. Afterward, they will ask you to make a deposit to their crappy broker in order to get access to the app. As a matter of fact, the broker they are promoting isn’t even regulated or licensed to operate.

The 14 and a half minutes’ video tells you very little about the actual strategy. How it benefits from the oil trade and indicators and system it uses? All they keep on telling in the video is how much money you can make without any verifiable proof.


Arab money machine is a scam which was pretty much evident from its first impression. There are lots of complaints and horror stories about the app blew up the account in few days. Truth be told, the guarantees are nothing but mere words. The actual strategy working behind the scene isn’t shared. So you are at the mercy of some random algorithm. The broker they are promoting in the backend isn’t regulated by any government institution. Above all, the testimonials are fake. Not even a single testimonial is done outside Fiverr.

My advice is to not deposit your hard earned money with their broker. The software which you will get is not worth it. There is more proof that the software will not work than it might work. Stay away it’s a clear cut scam.

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Arab Money Machine Fraud
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