Artificial Intelligence – Intellix Systems Review

Nothing looks immediately scammy on Intellix Systems landing page except for the earning claim. Now I understand that if the strategy behind Intellix system is sophisticated it is quite possible for the system to siphon off $10K dollar a day. So read till the end of this review to figure out how the Intellix System works.


Intellix System Overview

Intellix Systems is claiming it is the first Neuro Trader which uses artificial intelligence. The system is capable of creating a predictive model for any stock. Moreover, it analyzes diverse indicators and financial news. It also follows Twitter to analyze mass sentiment. Now, this all sounds good. But who is actually the creator of the system?

If you scroll the page little bit lower you will see three images of Intellix systems pioneer.


Now a quick google image search will reveal the entire scam. The guy they are claiming to be Jeff Blumenthal CEO and Founder of Intellix Systems also a former wall street hedge fund manager is actually Joshua Myler.


Moreover, the links to the social media sites below the stolen images, don’t even work. The same goes with the other pioneer as well. Either their identity is stolen or a stock image. I think this clearly proves that the Intellix system is all lies.

Fake User Reviews

Apart from fake pioneers identify the review are fake as well. Now look, the scammers just like the one behind Intellix Systems has two ways to create fake reviews. Number one steal images off the internet and fabricate the review. Number two, hire an actor who will say anything for few dollars.


The reviews are fake. Again if you will google image search the reviewer you will find that the images are stolen, and reviews fabricated.

Final Words About Intellix System

Intellix Systems is a confirmed scam; they have nothing to do with NeuroTrader or Artificial Intelligence. Their software is just a cheap 3rd party replica. The pioneers are fake as well as the reviews. It hasn’t made any money for any and surely won’t make any for you. The $10K a day guarantee is lame. My advice is to not to fund an account with their choice of broker as the software is not even worth a try.

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