Aurum Tech Scam – Exposed Undeniable Proof

Aurum tech starts with a typical “Get Rich Quick Scheme” approach. I haven’t seen such an elegant scam pitch video. Now Aurum Tech scam is dangerous. I want to expose it here today, so you don’t have any doubts regarding this enticing app.

Aurum Tech Scam Overview

Marco Pierre (which is a fictitious name) is claiming thousands of dollar every day in profit simply from his automated binary app. The best part is he is also offering his App Aurum Tech for free. Sounds too good to be true, it is. I have google Macro Pierre to find more about him, but the thing I only come across are negative review and complaints how he ripped off people.


In fact, he is just a paid actor. The same guy was also performed in another binary options scam. He was Mr. Shoemaker in Push Money App. Aurum Tech is nothing but a web of lies and deceits.



Fake Testimonials

Like I’ve said they are just using flashy toys in their pitch video to attract their prey. They have no proof that their app really works. All they are doing is just playing with your emotions to suck you in. But you might be wondering what about the testimonials. Yeah, they are fake as well.


Now, who they are claiming to be their clients are just pictures stolen off the internet or using stock images. The name, review, and earnings are all made up, it is all fabricated.


They have stolen all the images of people whom they are claiming to be their clients. Nobody has made money with AurumTech. It is a scam; therefore, no one is there to vouch for Aurum Tech.

Is it Free?

Nope. That’s another lie, or call is a half truth. Actually, that is the Modus Operandi of a binary scammer. They will low ball you by offering a free app. And when they get you hooked and capture your name and email only then they will tell you that you have to fund an account with a broker. Now the broker they are promoting is the real fraud. Usually, these brokers aren’t regulated by a government body. In fact most of them aren’t even licensed.


Aurum Tech is scam website. Their software doesn’t work, and the internet is littered with negative feedback. Hence they are blacklisted. My advice is to completely kick Aurum Tech. They are not worth anything.

The lies they have told in the video and their landing page makes it very clear that they can’t be trusted.


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