Welcome to Expand Your Profits. My name is Garth Davies, and I’ve been trading Binary Options for the last three years. Before that, I traded Forex, and before that, I was a member of the Merchant Marine for fifteen years believe it or not.

I worked on a lot of ships around the world. Mostly U.S. flagged oil tankers.

I was an engineering officer. It was our job to keep the ship running.

Math has always been a major interest of mine. I played a lot of poker growing up, and in my down time between ports with the rest of the crew. The pivot to trading was a natural one – and I’ve had a lot of financial success doing it.

The reason I’m publishing this blog is because I’m sick and tired of all the scams that have sucked the life (and a whole lot of money) from newer binary options traders.

It seems like every week I see a new BS signal service or broker.

The purpose of this site is to out the scam artists – show you the handful of trusted brokers and signal services – and help you get trading profitably.

If you find a signal service that you’d like me to review – send it to my email here:

To your success,

Garth Davies