Auto Binary Signals Review – Is It A Scam?

Auto Binary Signals Review – In this post we’re reviewing Roger Pierce’s Auto Binary Signals – probably the most well known binary options trading app in the world. We’re answering a major question:

Is it real? Or is it a scam?

Auto Binary Signal Review

Auto Binary Signal Review

Auto Binary Signals Review – The Truth About Roger Pierce

The first thing you need to know about Auto Binary Signals is that it’s legitimately one of the most popular trading tools online. At the time of this review, they’ve got 21,633 members.

ABS Software Membership Count

ABS Software Membership Count

And unlike MOST scam binary trading signals services – that membership counter is real. It is dynamically updated – and not a fake static image designed to trick you into signing up.

The testimonials you’ll find on the page?

Auto Binary Signal App Testimonials

Auto Binary Signal App Testimonials

Those are all real and verifiable as well. If you dig through the Auto Binary Signals Facebook page, you’ll find all of them and it’ll prove to you that these results are 100% real.

Read more of them here.

The app was created by Roger Pierce.

Roger is a thought leader in the financial technology space. He studied computer science at the London School of economics before working at JP Morgan as a trader.

After the housing crisis in 2008 he switched focus to binary options.

That’s where he achieved his major breakthrough – becoming a multimillionaire by the age of 49. Since then he’s introduced Auto Binary Signals to thousands of other traders.

It works on an alarmingly simple premise…

If you can confirm the price trend in a stock, commodity or currency – your signals are likely to be more accurate. So instead of giving you basic put and call entries – Auto Binary Signals uses a set of 5 custom indicators to confirm market momentum.

Auto Binary Signals includes 5 custom indicators.

Auto Binary Signals includes 5 custom indicators.

Because any trade needs to match ALL the criteria – the software is able to deliver very high trading accuracy. For most instruments, we’re talking about 80-100% in the money.

ABS Price Trends

ABS Price Trends

That’s why the technology is so popular.

The Most Highly Reviewed Binary Options Trading Software In History

Unlike most bogus binary options scams – the ABS app has existed since June of 2013. That’s over three years of delivering daily results, all of which they post on their website.

Watch them for yourself.

Auto Binary Signal Trade Results

Auto Binary Signal Trade Results

If Roger Pierce’s app was a scam, it would have been easily exposed by now.

Yet if you Google it, or search for it on Youtube – the overwhelming majority of the responses are positive. Will you find a few people whining and complaining?

Of course – but those are merely traders who didn’t have the discipline to follow the Auto Binary Signals system. If you can follow simple instructions – you will profit. 

While the technology is incredibly sophisticated, it was designed with beginners in mind.

ABS Custom Made Indicators

ABS Custom Made Indicators

The other thing you should know about the software is that it isn’t one of those “free” offers that unlocks when you make a binary options broker deposit.

That’s a really good thing.

You can use ANY broker you want with it. Roger Pierce isn’t trying to fleece you for scam broker deposits. And yes – you can get a refund if you don’t like the system.

That’s because you’re buying through Clickbank: one of the largest and most trusted digital marketplaces in the world. So you know your investment is 100% protected.

Try it right here. 

Conclusion: Auto Binary Signals Is The Real Deal

Now it’s time for the final verdict.

We weren’t able to find anything suspect about Auto Binary Signals. There were no fake video testimonials… no scam earning claims… no untrustworthy “free” offers.

Everything we found on ABS and Roger Pierce shows it’s real.

It’s one of the few binary options trading tools we recommend. If you’re going to try your hand in the binary option markets – this is an excellent place to start.

Start Profiting With Auto Binary Signals Today!

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