Auto Trader Pro Review – Scam by Winning Binary Signals

Auto Trader Pro is a binary options automated app scam by Winning Binary Signals. I have seen recently this scam catching up. There are lots of fake reviews website which has posted bias review and promoting the offer in order to earn a commission. However, in this review, I want to share the real intentions of Auto Trader Pro and its actual results. Make sure you read this entire review and I’ll let you know what kind of results average people are getting from AutoTraderPro.

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First of all, the website sales pitch video doesn’t feature any person in it. The sales video consists of boring typography with voice over. The reason I am saying that it doesn’t feature a spokesperson is that there is no way of saying who is actually behind this app. Usually, honest website will clearly mention the mind behind the strategy or atleast will put the picture on the website.

Secondly, Kevin Andrew is the person who is claiming to be behind the AutoTradePro. But there is no way of confirming that. And we have heard similar fictitious name on multiple binary scams. All they have stated is that Kevin Andrew has more than 10 years of experience trading equities.

How the Strategy Works

The video starts by pointing other binary scams. That unlike other the strategy isn’t based on a loophole but a genuine trading strategy which actually works. Moreover, they are further claiming that didn’t team up with Russian Scientists, German Bankers or Swiss Traders. Whereas the video doesn’t explain how their Auto Trader Pro actually pick trades. The users are really in dark when it comes to the style of trading. And trading automatically with even a hint about the underlying strategy could be really dangerous.

Trading Results of AutoTraderPro

The landing page has a chart which shows the number of winning and losing trades. The chart points out that total profitable trades in the period 7 months is 80%. Remember it is a self-drawn chart. The results aren’t generated by a software which could be verified by third party. Secondly, the number of trades per month on average is less 45. So the trading frequency of the app is also very low.



The testimonials are of really low quality and apparently fake. There is no picture of the reviewer which clearly proves that the testimonials are fabricated.


It the App Free

Once you provide your email on the main landing page and signup you will be redirected to the members page. Only then you will discover that in order to access the app you need to open and fund an account with any of the three brokers they have listed. Now the brokers they are listed aren’t trustworthy as well.



Like I’ve said before AutoTraderPro is scam. There is no proof that the system actually works with fake results and testimonials. Finally, the brokers they have listed are dishonest. Lastly, my advice is not to truth Auto Trader Pro. It has clear signs of deceits and is a confirmed scam.

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