The Automata Formula – Typical Binary Scam

The Automata Formula by George Coleman is a confirmed binary scam. The app is fake and only siphon off money from its users. Read till the end of this review while I expose this dangerous scam.


The Automata Formula Scam Overview

The Automata Formula pitch videos start straight with lies. Now they started creating scarcity from the very beginning. This is a cyber-crooks strategy to rush you to the order page, without giving you ample time to ponder over. “30 Licenses in 40 hours” is nothing but lie. The website has been around since couple of months and still, they are giving out their software. This clearly confirms they are using urgency and scarcity tactics inorder to trick your brain.


The video starts with a rented Ferrari and office, just to build credibility around the offer. The actor in the video claiming to be ex-banker George Goleman is just a paid actor. He also appeared in Orion Code Binary scam just with a different alias. Now what I am about to share with you next will the expose the entire scam.


Now he is the same guy but only this time his alias is Edward Robinson, and with a rented jet. Oh, and we didn’t even read about him on Forbes.


This clearly exposes the entire scam. Moreover, not a single word in the sales video could be trusted. The claims are hyped up. Plus, the character and the story is fictitious.

Is The Automata Formula App Free?

Like I’ve said not a single word in the video could be trusted. It is just actor reading the script written by scammers. The Automata app isn’t free, this is just a half truth. In order to access the app, you need to put at least $250 with an unregulated broker. Now, these brokers are shady, they aren’t even licensed to operate. Once you make the deposit with the broker, they will make sure to make couple of calls and push you to deposit even more.


The App is worthless, it simply doesn’t work. The video is done is by B-movies actors and an insult to the injury is the script is nothing but lie. The beta tester claiming to have made money with the app is another clever deceit. Just like the main character they are also actors. I will strongly suggest you kick the Automata Formula, it is yet another piece of crap.

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