Avenger Trader Scam – Binary Options

Avenger Trader looks very unprofessional. The only good thing is it doesn’t have a hook (headline) so they have nothing to say anything ridiculous. But you just have to wait till the pitch video start playing. Read till the end of this review as I unveil this scam right in front of you.


Avenger Trader Scam Overview

Avenger Trades video starts like a typical scam promising you to be financially free with their system. Secondly reminding you how horrible your job is. What they are doing is just arousing emotions to suck you in. The script is written by a professional copywriter who understands how to make people think irrationally and let them take action on impulse.

The presenter doesn’t even mention his name throughout the video making the entire website questionable. Moreover, there is no information on how the strategy works. Yes, there are foolish stories which I will let you know how. But there is no information on the real underlying principle. Without any information on how the system works, you will be completely blind while auto trading. Avenger Trader is claiming that out of every 10 trades 9 ends up profitable. But again, there is no proof of it. Trust me I have heard similar lies throughout the binary options scam websites.lie-avenger-trader-scam

Avenger Trader Broker Lie


This is the most absurd lie that their software doesn’t work with any broker. And the system mimics the price action of broker. The fact is brokers are getting their feeds from interbank which are matching orders. The bid and ask are determined by price people are willing to buy and sell. And broker has no control over the price. So this is a blunt lie and is just a preposterous claim.

The only reason they are making up this false statement like this is because they want you to deposit $250 to their broker. Now their broker is just a scam broker and that is the entire trick.

Avenger Trader Proof

There is no proof that the system works the way as they are claiming in the video. Secondly, they haven’t published any statement or real person testimonial who has made money with Avenger Trader. The video doesn’t even feature a spokesperson. It uses just a clever copy done with voice over artist.

Final Words About Avenger Trader

Avenger Trader is confirmed scam. They are blacklisted. The claims in the pitch video are not only illogical but ludicrous. And their only objective is to make you deposit with their choice of broker. This, needless to say, is the crux of Avenger Trader scam. In addition, there is no proof either verifiable or unverifiable that the software is as good as they are claiming. Moreover, there are no testimonials that prove it has worked for anyone else. My advice is to stay away from this foolish scam.

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