Bahama Banker Scam – Honest Review

Bahama banker pitch video starts with a typical scam stock footage with a luxury yacht, exotic beach, and rich lifestyle. So it doesn’t have a good impression right from the start. But the main question is Bahama banker scam or a real deal. Read till the end of the review and I will provide you inside information about the website and app.


Bahama Banker Overview

The pitch video doesn’t feature any real spokesperson so it’s hard so who is actually behind the Bahama Banker. The so-called Herald Beckman who is also claiming to be a private banker sounds a fictitious character. I have googled him and found nothing except tons of negative review regarding Bahama Banker app. There was all sort of horror stories imaginable.

The private banker Beckman claims that the Bahama Banker app is based on high-frequency trading strategy. The most outrageous claim is it only execute winning trades on your behalf. Apart from this, there is no additional information how the system picks trades. Therefore, you never know what’s working in the backend.

Bahama Banker Fake Testimonials

They people claiming to have made a killing from Bahama Banker app are just paid actor. Actually, they will just say anything for five dollars. Yes, you guessed it right. They were hired from Fiverr in order to record fake testimonials. Here’s the proof.


You can see in the image below that the same guy who is claiming to be making millions from the Bahama app is offering his video testimonial services for just five dollars.


Is Bahama Banker App Free?

This is the scammer’s old gimmick. They will claim that the app is 100% free. But after you sign up with them, only then they will tell you that in order to access the free app you need to deposit with their choice of broker.

The app is worthless, what the scammer are doing is they will let you believe that the app is wonderful and free. But you need to deposit money with their choice of broker. And that is exactly how they rip you off. The real fraud is getting you to deposit money with their unlicensed and unregulated broker.


Bahama Banker is a confirmed scam. There is no proof that the app works as they are claiming it in the video. Moreover, the testimonials are fake and recorded by actors over Fiverr. You don’t know exactly how the auto trader app picks trades. Without a clear understanding of the strategy at the play, high-frequency trading could be very risky. But in the case of Bahama banker, it’s an outright scam. So my advice is to stay away from them.

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