The Truth Behind Bank Tracker Bot: HUGE Scam Review!

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review – Is Bank Tracker Bot the best online investment software, like it promises to be? Or is it nothing more than a crudely covered scam? Here, in this Bank Tracker Bot review, we will expose all the evidence that we found on their shifty business. You will see for yourself, it’s nothing but a scheme to rob you blind.

Bank Tracker Bot Website

Another BS binary options website.

What Does Bank Tracker Bot Actually Do?

In case you don’t already know, binary options trading software is a program that trades the market using a complex algorithm. The software’s A.I. can identify and track stock trends worldwide, and they can make transactions automatically as they find favorable trades. Bank Tracker Bot is one of these services. It claims to use real-time information fed from big banks to make unbelievably profitable trades.

But as we dug deeper into their website, we’ve come to the conclusion that Bank Tracker Bot is just another binary options trading scam. Internet conmen and crooked stock brokers create fake binary options trade apps that do nothing but waste any money you put on them. They do this by taking advantage of up-and-coming investors who are trying to find something new and exciting.

Bank Tracker Bot Founder

This guy hasn’t made a single penny on binary options.

Finding The Warning Signs In Bank Tracker Bot’s Website

Their website is registered on the domain According to our research, it has been registered since August 2015. Through knowing this, we can be skeptical about their entire business. A company that was launched so recently could never boast such unbelievable profits. But let’s move on about what the man on the video says.

He presents himself as just a part time trader, who lives in Chicago enjoying his six figure salary he makes thanks to Bank Tracker Bot. He talks about how he has a friend, named just “Steve,” who worked in stock trading. Steve supposedly developed a system that follows big bank data to make trades. As he explains in the video, trading binary options is less like trading stocks and more like betting on the direction a stock will go.

But that’s about the extent of Michael George’s legit claims. After that, everything he says sounds more and more dubious. He claims that his friend Steve developed the system, and that after he shared it with Michael, they both started their binary options trade system. But Michael claims that an early tester has already made almost $19,000 USD, and that any new member can expect to make over $3000 USD on their first week, after finishing a short 3 step registration.

Bank Tracker Bot Bet

Bet on this binary scam and lose your money.

Many of the things that Michael George says seem to make sense, and admittedly, it’s one of the least blatant binary trade scams we’ve reviewed. But the evidence is still there. He claims that starting using the Bank Tracker Bot software is absolutely free, however, it’s impossible to make a profit without investing money first. That fact alone debunks any possible legit claim that Bank Tracker Bot could have, and it gets even worse.

Bank Tracker Bot Testimonials

Fake binary options trading testimonials.

If you scroll down in their website, you’ll see that they put testimonials from previous users, that they have made either via Facebook or Twitter. But we actually tried to find the posts and tweets on their respective websites, and we were not able to find anything remotely resembling it.

It’s Undeniable: Bank Tracker Bot Is A SCAM!

Do not trust this binary options software, there are far better options out there that are much more reputable.

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