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Bina Trust landing page is making a really bold claim. But is Bina Trust scam or a legit app? And more importantly, does it really makes $250 to $4,800 A day. Read this complete review to find out yourself.

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There are lots of things on their main landing page which are revealing sign of a scam. First of all, the timer. The time left below the signup form is only to create urgency and rush you through the process. It even allows you to signup if it runs out of time.

Secondly, the major news network logo has nothing to do with Bina Trust scam. They have deliberately used the logos, just to leverage their scam on trusted news network. Now, BinaTrust app isn’t mentioned on any of the news networks, a quick search on the website will reveal the fact.

The list goes on and on. However, I will just mention two more. The claims are beyond belief, plus there is no proof which could support the claim. Meaning, there is no verified trade logs, or bank statement, something like tax returns. The claims are baseless, proof is all that counts. In addition, the video is just an animation, there is no real person featured in the video so it is really hard to say who is actually behind the system and what is his credibility.

Proof of Scam

There are lots of dubious things that go on this website, but above all, they are not disclosing the strategy the app is based on. There is very little info on the actual workings.

Anyways, the worst thing is the testimonials they are claiming they have received over Twitter and Facebook are all morphed screenshots. It is very easy to forge similar screenshots with photoshop. BinaTrust doesn’t even have a Facebook page, and the images of members are used without their consent plus with the false review.


I have searched BinaTrust Facebook page, the posts, users and has found nothing. So this clearly proves that the screenshots are morphed.


Finally, the main landing page is enough to confirm their malintent. Other than this, the broker they are promoting in the backend is shady. Moreover, there are hundreds of gloomy feedback regarding BinaTrust App on different forums. Bina Trust Scam is confirmed; hence I would advise you to stay safe by not handing over your hard earned money to them.

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