Binary Arbitrage System Scam Exposed

Arbitrage System is getting lots of attention recently. The website theme looks entirely different from a typical “Get Rich Quick” scheme. The first impression is really different, it doesn’t have sleazy sales video, with a horrendous hook. Make sure you read this entire review as I expose the subtle aspect of this scam, right in front of you.

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First of all, Arbitrage System is a binary options trading app, which trades automatically when connected to a binary broker. So having an account with funds is must in order to use the system. Secondly, the “Available Spaces” box on right of the signup form is a fake script. It is just to create scarcity and as a results urgency. It is a common scammer tactic to quickly suck you into their scam.

How it Works

Arbitrage System is a web based application that works on diverse range of devices with a browser. The bot trades different assets including stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies. It is important to note that it is a binary options trading bot. So it only trades binary options contract of these assets.


One thing that you might not have noticed is the fake logos they are using on their website to build credulity. The MacAfee, SSL and other logos they are using on the website are fake. Moreover, there are using phony badges at the end of the website. They haven’t won any award the badges are as fake as three dollar bill.



In order for the system to establish itself it should feature real testimonials. Testimonials are great way to build trust. If the system has worked for other indeed it should work for you as well. However, the only proof posted on the ArbitrageSystem website is unfortunately fabricated. Meaning the testimonials are all fake. With the images stolen from the internet.  Let me provide you undeniable proof of it.


Now the images above of all the users are stolen and used without their consent. Most probably they haven’t even heard about Arbitrage System let along making money with it. Check out Elisa Garethson image when be back searched it over Google Images.



Arbitrage System is a confirmed scam. I have already provided enough proof about the lies on their landing page. You can search for horror stories over different forums from real users. The trading app makes nothing but straight losses. Hence, my advice is straight forward. Don’t trust them. They are simply fraudster.

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