Binary Auto Trader Review – Scam or Legit?

Binary Auto Trader website looks really professional. Unlike typical binary options scam website, it doesn’t have any deceptive sales pitch video or outrageous hook. However, the real question is does it really work. Read this entire review to find out real potential of Binary Auto Trader app.

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First of all, I should admit that the website theme is professional and unlike binary scam out there. The only bad thing about the interface is a nagging pop-up. Which shows they are desperate to squeeze you in.


The website is claiming 85% winning trades, now such number is not easy to achieve and uncommon when it comes to binary trading. However, if they have enough verifiable proof then there is no harm in accepting this. Plus, there are no guarantees in any kind of trading. Their risk disclosure clearly states the fact. So different language in different parts of the website is a bad omen.

How it Works

BinaryAutoTrader is a web based application which automatically trades binary option. It connects with the broker and places trades on your behalf. The biggest advantage of web based application is that you can access it from a range of devices. Including cell phones and tablets that use IOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows OS.


Underlying Strategy

The app is really flexible and has lots of options when it comes to the style of trading. Rather than just enabling to switch auto trading on and off the app enable you to fine tune the strategy. The system enables you to also pick the money management style.


Apart from this Binary Auto Trader incorporates strategies that are based on different indicators. Selecting the Indicator will enable the strategy associated with it.


Binary Broker

Like I’ve said above the automated trading app connect with the broker to place trades on your behalf. As far the broker is concerned, there is range of brokers to choose from. All the brokers are reputable and trustworthy. Meaning most of the broker that you can choose from are either regulated or licensed by a government oversight body.



There are mixed results from the trading apps. There are few complaints that the software blew up the entire trading account. So the guarantee isn’t 100% real. Meaning it doesn’t have exactly 85% to 90% winning trades. Moreover, there aren’t any proof like verified statement or testimonials which can establish that it has worked profitably for other users. Hence, I would suggest you not to deposit money with them as the results aren’t confirmed.

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