Binary Auto Trades Robot – Unprofessional Scam

On the surface, Binary Auto Trades looks very unprofessional. Just like typical scam website Binary Auto Trades video presentation promised luxury lifestyle without every worrying about money, job, and boss.


Binary Auto Trade Overview


Apart from being very unprofessional, Binary Auto Trades are inconsistent in their earning claims as well. Seems like they are not even sure themselves how much the app earns. On the hook of their landing page, they are claiming that you can make $3255 Per week. Whereas in the pitch video after they believe you have been hooked in, they exaggerated their initial claim to 7 figures and millions per year.

The claims are false. If they are true they should have provided verifiable proof. The James Sloan the spokesperson of the Binary Auto Trades is claiming that he is making millions from the Binary Auto Trades. And a proof he has just provided clipping of his account balance. Now It’s impossible to say from where he has clipped the images. Moreover, such images are very easy to Photoshop and likely to be fake as well. I have seen it thousands of time over different scam binary sites.

How James Sloan Stumble Upon BinaryAuto Trades

Now scammers always use a story in their pitch video to relate with their audience and Binary Auto Trades is no exception. However, in case of Binary AutoTrades the story is so ridiculous that I want to drill a hole in my monitor. Actually, in the story James Sloan friend called him up and gave him the Binary Auto Trades software. Seriously.

Proof That Binary Auto Trades Works

There isn’t any proof that the Binary Auto Trades has worked. However, there are lots of claims in the video. But after so many scam we want to see something for real. The only proof apart from morphed brokers software is their brokerage account statement. Now this statement is not verified by any third party. Moreover, it can be very easily fabricated.


Apart from the unverified statement, there aren’t any testimonials that prove the software has worked for any real person.


My advice is not to trust Binary Auto Trades. There isn’t any proof that the system actually work. They don’t even feature the real person behind the system. And making up ridiculous stories. Apart from this, there are tons of negative feedback regarding BinaryAutoTrades on different forums.

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