Binary Brain Trust Scam – Untrustworthy Binary App

From the first impression, Binary Brain Trust scam looks pretty much like typical binary scheme website. The website has lots of telltale sign of a scam. The first one is Membership remaining counter. This is a fake counter, and nothing happens when the counter stops at 0. It is just to build urgency, an old scammer tactic to rush you through the signup page.

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Secondly, just below the signup button, you can see different logos. Now, these logos are just to build trust. It doesn’t mean that the Binary Brain was featured on any news website or it is MacAfee Secure. These logos give a subliminal message to the viewer and are deliberately placed near the signup button.


The biggest scam like element of the website is the hook. What I have found out after so many reviews is, the website with guaranteed income is an outright fraud. First of all, their risk disclaimer is quite contrary. Secondly, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to trading. Moreover, you can’t guarantee a fixed amount. The most honest system will only show the percentage it has made previously for real users. Guaranteeing $5000 a day is just a lie, the guarantee is backed by nothing

There is no picture or anything to know if the person claiming to be Martin Clayton is real person. I have lots of binary scams, where the scammer has just used alias and picture purchased from stock photography website.


Is It Free?

Unlike the website is claiming the app isn’t free. Yes, you can sign up for free, but in order to use the app, you need to fund at least $250. Now that is the real scam behind Binary Brain Trust, the app is free and useless piece of crap. The scammer rip-offs its members by making them deposit with their choice of broker. The con-artist and the broker work hand in hand. The binary broker, these con-artists will recommend you is neither registered nor regulated.


Binary Brain Trust scam is really not trustworthy. The testimonials are just voice over. There is no proof either the system works or not. The founder of the system hasn’t even posted his picture. We can’t say for sure either he is real or not. Secondly, the logos are fake, the app isn’t mentioned on any news. Finally, there are lots of review of genuine users of the app who have lost money with them. This proves their app is as unprofessional as their website. It just doesn’t make sense to trust Binary Brain Trust, they are not worth it.

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