Binary Godfather Scam – Scam Family Exposed

Binary Godfather Scam main landing page looks very unprofessional. Their first impression is a crime like and no wonder they are scammers as well. Secondly, Licenses Remaining on the top right is another scam practice which is just to create a sense of urgency and scarcity. But nothing really happens when the licenses run out. It is a fake script to rush you into action without giving you time to think about it logically.


Read the review till the end and I will uncover their malicious intentions.


Binary Godfather Scam Review


Just like all the scams, Binary Godfather scam is completely outrageous. The hook claims that it exploits black-market trading. However, in actual it is just trading binary options. The earning claims are absurd as well i.e. $7,504.09 in the next 48 hours. There is no proof that their blackmarket trading actually siphons off the amount of money they are claiming.

Binary Godfather trades only commodities because the creator of the app believe that currency are manipulated by the Federal Reserve. Whereas the big corporation stock prices are also controlled.

Binary Godfather Proof

There is no proof that the system is as good or partially good as he is claiming it in the video. In fact there isn’t any proof that it even works just ok. The name of the creator of the Binary Godfather is Anthony Marco Carluccio. It is a fictitious name; this is the most foolish scam I have every stumbled across.

There is no picture or video of Anthony Marco Carluccio, so it is impossible to say either he is real or fake. Secondly, the website doesn’t feature any of the real people that have actually made money with the Godfather strategy.

The only proof is their fake statement which you will notice after you signup. Now it’s piece of cake to fabricate such statements. I have seen it millions of times. In addition, there is no way to verify it.


Is Binary Godfather Free?

Again, Binary Godfather, like all other scam is using the low balling technique. They first lure the unsuspecting people by telling them the app is completely free. And once they are hooked only then, they will tell them that in order to activate the app you need to fund an account with their binary options broker. Now their broker is the real scam. The app is a third party cloned worthless crap. What they really want is to suck money from you by making you deposit with their unlicensed and unregulated broker. Depositing with such brokers is just like kissing your money goodbye.


This is the foolish scam. There are tons of negative reviews regarding Binary Godfather over different forums. Their software is pathetic 3rd party application. Don’t buy any word in the pitch video, it’s a ludicrous ripoff.

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