Binary Profit System Review – Another Scam Revealed!

Welcome to my Binary Profit System review. In the past year, I’ve seen a lot of scam binary options offers out there like this one. They offer their users a way to make money automatically, using sophisticated software called a binary options trading robot. What this software claims to do is analyze trends in popular stocks, and automatically buy options when it spots an opportunity to profit. They say they don’t need any input from the user other than the amount to be invested.

Binary Profit System 224 90

Another binary options software that’s too good to be real.

While investing in software like this might sound ideal, you should be wary. Binary Profit System is a fraud and a blatant scam. We have the evidence to prove it. While it’s true that it’s possible to make money passively trading binary options – propositions like this one are too crazy to be true. People posing as software engineers and stock brokers will try to take your well-earned money. You should inform yourself beforehand to prevent it.

How Does Binary Profit System Work?

Using the Binary Profits System is supposedly 100% free. They claim the user will never need to deposit any money. This is contradicted right away, when you try to actually use their software. It asks for a $250 USD deposit to start out, which isn’t mentioned in the video at all. It also mentions how it’s not supposed to be “a sales video,” to try and differentiate itself from other internet scams. Binary options trading scams have to build trust with their potential users, and they do this by making any claim they possibly can.

Binary Profit System 81%

We guarantee it’s binary trading accuracy isn’t this good.

As for the numbers, Binary Profit System’s success rate is around 81%, according to the presentation video. But the video also claims that success rate increases as their user base grows larger. This percentage has not been modified since the website’s last update in May 2016. This doesn’t correlate with their “limited to 50 people only” offer they make earlier in the video, and it just screams “SCAM”.

Additional Evidence Of Binary Profit Scam

Moreover, the fact that their success rate is presented as much less than 100% is probably a way to cover up. Once you lose all your money, they can always say that the risk was always present, right? We’d say Binary Profit System has a 100% success rate when it comes to taking away all your money!

But we found even more shifty evidence in their video. After they finish explaining how the Binary Profit System works – three alleged users give their testimonial about the software. They back up the video’s previous claims, about making over $200,000 dollars in the first 90 days. And they give different explanations about the ridiculous amount of money they made.

Binary Profit System Actor

This girl is fake – she’s not a binary trader.

Binary Profit System Fiver1

This guy is fake – he’s not a binary trader.

But after looking them up online, we found out something very interesting. Two of the three people appearing in the video work as paid actors on, where they offer their services for fake video testimonials. That just puts the final nail in the coffin: Binary Profit System is nothing but a scam.

Don’t Invest In Binary Profit System!

Given all the evidence found on their website and online during our review, it’s easy to say that this is a scam software that will waste all of your money. Remember to always stay informed, in order to make the best choices for investment.

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