Binary Robot 365 Scam, Honest Review

No doubt their website is done professionally without anything immediately scammy. But is Binary Robot 365 Scam? Yes, and I will provide you real information based on undeniable facts. Make sure you read the complete review.

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From the outer appearance, it looks really professional and doesn’t feel like a typical scam website. But the only intention of BinaryRobot365 is to steal money from newbies traders. So it’s important that prior trading you should collect all the information regarding the product and that is what I am going to provide you here.


First of all, the website is claiming 90% win-rate. However, there is no verifiable proof that can support this statement.

Next, I will provide you real proof why Binary Robot 365 scam doesn’t work.

Fake Top Users

If you will scroll their main landing page a little bit lower, you will find a list of their top 5 users for June 2017. This looks perfectly ok, isn’t it?


Now I will provide you proof that will completely uncover this scam. Look, testimonials and social proof are crucial when it comes to the credibility of online service. If the software is performing well for others there is no doubt it can’t do the same for you. But what if the social proof is fabricated. However, this is the case with Binary Robot 365.

I have googled all the images of June 2017, what I have found is, all the images of users above are either stolen off the internet or are stock photographs. Check for yourself.


This clearly proves that the top user and their earning is all scam. No one has made money with the app.


Binary Robot 365 scam is done professionally. There is no sales video, which is very common with scam website. However, their claims all fails when it comes to social proof. The images they are using of their top users are either stolen or stock images. This clearly proves that their app simply doesn’t work that is why they are fabricating users’ images plus their earning.

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