The Bitcoin Code Review – Binary Cryptocurrency Scam

I have seen recently lots of spam emails promoting The Bitcoin Code scam. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and in recent years its price has appreciated multiple folds. But the scammers behind TheBitcoinCode are leveraging on Bitcoin fame. Read this entire review, to learn more about Bitcoin and how TheBitcoinCode app works.

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First of all, I would like to give you an overview of what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a genuine cryptocurrency meaning it is a sort of a code which is used as currency. Transfering the code from one person to another is equivalent to transferring money. The biggest benefit of bitcoin is it doesn’t require intermediaries and there is no fee associated when you make a transfer. Recently Bitcoins are getting lots of public attention from news and the internet. The mainly because of appreciation of its value.

Now, remember The Bitcoin Code is an automated binary options trading app. It is very different from actual bitcoin. The app only speculates the price of Bitcoin by trading binaries.

Secondly, buying bitcoins had been profitable whereas, The Bitcoin code is a scam. Few of the things that look immediately scammy is the hook. The hook is guaranteeing $13,000 in just 24 hours. In addition, the “Free Copies Available” is a fake script. It is just there to create a sense of urgency.

Proof of Scam

The entire landing page is filled with lies. The genius Steve Mckay who is claiming to be behind this app is a fictional character.


The image of Steve is a stock image. Check out the results we get when we image searched him on Google.


Apart from fake founder, the testimonials regarding the app in the pitch video are also false. The testimonials actors are hired from Fiverr.


The has listed his believable testimonial service over Fiverr.


Moreover, the written testimonials are also fake. The images used are either stock images or stolen profile pictures of average people from different websites.


And finally, the past vacation images are also stock images. The scammer behind the website is just using it to spur your desire.



Lastly, The Bitcoin Code is a confirmed scam. The website has nothing but lies after lies. I have already proven above not only about their lies but that the app is worthless as well. Hence, I will strongly suggest you not to deposit any money with the broker they suggest. Nobody has ever made money with their app, it is a third party app cloned and repackaged.

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