BO Millionaire App Review – Binary Options Millionaire Scam Exposed

BO Millionaire looks like typical binary options, “Get Rich Quick” scheme. The hook is making an outlandish claim about making $319,195.37 per month. Read the complete review as I expose this nasty scam right in front of you.

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First of all, the logos below the video and signup form are all bogus. Meaning as far as news logos are concerned it doesn’t mean that the BO Millionaire app is so good that is was featured on the news networks with logos mentioned. Whereas the logos below the signup form are forged, meaning they don’t verify this site and don’t even redirect to the certificate if you click them. Which they are suppose to do in case if they are real.

The Sales pitch video starts with some news clippings which have nothing to do with the BO Millionaire app. It only talks briefly about high-frequency trading. Which is then followed by testimonials, more on the testimonials later. But first, the claims are preposterous and even without any staunch proof.

Proof of Scam

You can tell a scam by its testimonials. If the testimonials are fake everything else is also going to be bogus. If real people have made money with the app then there is no doubt you can do the same. But unfortunately, in the case of BO Millionaire scam, the testimonials both text and video are forged.

As far as the text testimonials and earnings are concerned the images are pinched from the internet. They don’t even have the consent of the actual person. In some cases, the image is stock photography.


You can see in the proof below that Christopher Taylor is just a model with images on stock photography website.


In addition, the video testimonials are as fake as three dollar bill. The videos of earning proof are done by actors over Fiverr.


Check the Fiverr page with the couple offering their gig for just $5 dollar. Meaning they will record a video and say anything for just $5 dollars.


Final Words about the BO Millionaire Scam

BO Millionaire is a scam and I believe it is proven beyond any doubt. The earning claim is outlandish and never heard of, without any proof. The spurious testimonials are only to suck you into their scam. Hence, I will encourage you to look for an option that actually works, rather than getting scammed by these con-artists.

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