Buy Sell Trend Detector Review – Forex Scam Exposed

The website theme looks familiar. Buy Sell Trend Detector is a scam by very famous con-artist Karl Dittmann. He is also behind many other similar forex scam indicators that promise the moon but delivers nothing. So, make sure you read the article till the very end, as I expose this dangerous scam.

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First of all, Buy Sell Trend Detector is a Forex Trading Strategy. That works on different assets and timeframe. The package comes with custom indicators which when deployed to the chart will show you precise entry and exit point with trend reversal. Furthermore, the custom indicators work over Meta Trader 4 platform.


Secondly, the system is completely mechanical. Meaning you have to execute trade yourself. It doesn’t auto trade. If you are not using Meta Trader 4 platform, what you can do is download a demo instance of MT4 platform, deploy the custom indicator, and execute trades on your choice of platform.

Proof of Scam

From the overview, BuySellTrendDetector looks promising. But there is a hidden side of the sales page and the strategy. First of all, the “last change: only 2 copies left!” on the upper right corner is a bogus warning. It is just to create fake urgency. The software is available in unlimited numbers. This is an old scammer tactic to create a sense of false scarcity.


Secondly, there is no proof that the strategy really works profitably over an extended period of time. There is no trading statement or testimonials. The proof they have mentioned on their sales page is screenshot of few fortunate trades.


Moreover, there are no testimonials that could establish the credibility of the system. If the strategy is as good as they are claiming so why hasn’t the founder, Karl Dittmann published his verified statement.

In addition, Karl Dittmann is a confirmed con-artist. He is also behind other forex scams, he is just a sleazy marketer and has nothing to do with trading forex.


Finally, don’t trust Buy Sell Trend Detector it is a time wasting scam. The product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. But they won’t give you, your money back unless and until you test the system. So my advice is straight from the gut, why waste time on something which isn’t proven. There are forex systems with verified trading statement. They have meat to the promises they are making on their sales page.

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