My Cash Method Review – Scam Busted with Proof

My Cash Method is a typical binary options scam. One can tell right away from the pitch video that it is clearly fake. Recently, you will find affiliates pushing this scam on all kind of medium either email, fake reviews or anything. But read this review till the very end. And I’ll rip apart this dangerous scam right in front of you with undeniable proof.

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First of all, the actor in the sales video Michael Thompson is claiming to be a CEO of My Cash Method. He is an actor paid to read script of lies and deceit honest and hard working people. The claims he is making in the video is nothing but outrageous. Secondly, My Cash Method app guarantees a daily profit of around $1083. Now there is no verifiable proof of this earning and the screenshot they are showing is fabricated. I will expose there lies with evidence later in this review. But first I want to also share that they are claiming 100% accuracy which is really unattainable when it comes to binary options.

Proof of Scam

Secondly, few minutes into the presentation you will notice series of testimonials of ordinary people. Now, these testimonials are all fake. The scammer behind My Cash Method knows testimonials are the best thing to build trust and they are exploiting it well.


The video testimonials which looks so real are actually nothing but lie. The people were hired from Fiverr and paid Five dollars to record fake testimonials. Let me show you undeniable proof of it.


She is the same lady in the testimonial offering her spokesperson services over Fiverr. This clearly proves that the people featured in the video are actors and they are paid to tell lies. No one has made money with this scam system.

How the Scam Works

Once the persuasive video deludes you the scammer will ask you to open and fund an account with their choice of binary broker. Remember the promise about a free app. Well, it is a half truth. The app is free. But in order to use the app, you need to fund at least $250 with their broker. And that it is the entire crux of this scam. The broker isn’t regulated and untrustworthy. There are already lots of complaints about the broker. As far as the app is concerned it is worthless and is anything but profitable.


My Cash Method is confirmed scam and blacklisted. You will find hundreds of complaints regarding the software as well as their broker on various forums. Hence I will strongly advise you to not to fall prey. Don’t trust a single word they have to say. I have already provided you proof of their lies.

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