Centument Scam – Scam with Private Jet

I’ll put it bluntly in front of you that Centument Scam is blacklisted. No matter how profession the website appears or how much they have spent on their sale video. It is a fraudulent website, which I am about to expose in moments from now. Make sure you read the complete review.

Centument Binary Trading App – Website: http://centument.co



First of all, the clipping from different news media like Bloomberg and CNN Money is unreal. What I mean is, I have searched the website for entire article or video and there is no such news or video with this text clipping. So This clearly proves that the major news hasn’t featured them and they are lying. No doubt the con-artist behind Centument Scam is clever, he understands the principle of parasite leverage.

The guy claiming to Gerald Reed is just a terrible actor. The company Centument LTD is a made up name. I have googled it and found nothing. However, what I found were different reports who the Centument LTD is ripping of innocent people.


Proof of Scam

Centument testimonials are all fake. This is really serious, fake testimonials I believe unveils the entire scam. If they are using fake testimonials it means there is no one who has profited from it. And they are fabricating the proof. This only happens in the case of a non-profitable strategy.


The images are stock photographs and testimonials including the names are all fabricated. You can easily google the image to find out it’s just a picture of model.

Apart from the static testimonials the video reviews of earning are also false. All the reviewers are fake person and real actors, just like Gerald Reed. Let me give you one example. Paul Perry who is claiming that he doesn’t understand when the prices go up or down but still miraculously making money was the main character in Bank Tracker Bot.


Centument Verdict

Centument is a fraudulent website, their website has nothing but lies after lies. The sales video is done by an actor. In addition, the news clipping is fake. The worst thing is the company name he is claiming to be CEO doesn’t exist. Moreover, as you have just seen above the testimonials are done by actors. Hence, please don’t fall victim to this fraud. There is already enough proof that the app simply doesn’t work.

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