China Millionaire Scam Review

First of all, China Millionaire scam looks anything but like an honest website. All the features are pretty evident and scam like. Secondly, MacAfee Secure logo below the signup form is fake and doesn’t redirect you to McAfee certification on its official website. Moreover, the “Spots Left” is clearly an animation just to create urgency.


Apart from all the telltale scam feature, the China Millionaire Scam is desperate to squeeze your email address. They have incorporated annoying scam popup and making the bold claim of earning $2190 with a free system just by proving your email.


Scam Overview

They are just using a novel title however everything else is like typical binary options scam.  The scammers love to tell a story and that is what they are doing here. But I will prove later how the story is all fabricated. The pitch video claims that a math whiz created this app from his basement. Now the guy claiming to be Jin Lee a genius is just a fictitious character with his picture stolen from

Check it for yourself.


As you can see the image is stolen and name Jin Lee is just a makeup name. There is no truth in the story, it is just to captivate the audience.

Was Jin Lee mentioned on News?


I have searched Jin Lee and ChinaMillionaire on all the news website stated and haven’t found a single reference on any of the news site mentioned. As you have probably already guessed the scammers behind the ChinaMillionaire are just using the logos to build credibility.

What about the Social Feedback?

Needless to say, the social proof is fake it is just a photoshop image which looks likes tweets and Facebook comments. I have searched the user over twitter and facebook and they haven’t even heard about the China Millionaire. So it is another lie now laid bare.



China Millionaire scam is blacklisted. Their landing page, popup and pitch video is filled with lies after lies. Don’t trust a single word they have to say. In addition, what appears to be tweets bashing about the app are simply fake.

Finally, the image of the Jin Lee the main character of the story in the sales video is fictitious. He or the ChinaMillionaire app is not event mentioned on any news website. Hence, my advice is to not waste your precious time and hard-earned money with them. Stay Safe.

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