Click Trade App Review: John Cross’s New App Scam

The Algobitex Algorithm upon review is apparently the algorithm used by systems nowadays to check the movement of the market. Upon review, it’s one of the “toughest” to crack.

And although there’s a huge lack of information to review on the algorithm online, one guy says he’s able to crack it – or is this another scam?

So upon review it’s really intriguing when a guy named John Cross says he’s out to reveal the formula’s secrets through Click Trade App. Who wouldn’t want to benefit, right?

Jeremy claims with his new app Click Trade App, we can finally have a taste of a rich CEO’s luxurious life, and upon review this is the advent of robotics in the trading scene.

But is Jeremy telling the truth? This review answers the question:  Is Click Trade App really effective as he claims it to be, or is it scam? Let’s find out in this review.

 Click Trade App – Scam Revealed!

Click Trade App – Scam Revealed!

Click Trade App upon review is an automated trading program that is affectionately named after Warren Buffet. It’s designed to review and make good trades and apply sophisticated algorithm for results. A lot of scam software like this exists, sadly.

Apparently John Cross was able to review and “program” the app to “think” like the algorithm in his business decisions. The app was able to analyze and review his trades through the years.

Upon review, the app can generate as much as $1,978 every day, with weekly returns amounting to $15,000.

Pretty big for a simple “app,” right? It’s definitely tempting too. But we may have to learn more about Click Trade App itself. Let’s move on with the review.


Click Trade App: What is it?

John Cross, the “creator” of Click Trade App, says the Click Trade App took around six years and four months to build and review. Upon review, he programmed Click Trade App to “copy” the way the market thinks, hence the name. Now that is a scam red flag right there.

Upon review, John Cross took all that time to build an “artificial brain” that acts like the Algobitex Algorithm to make successful trades. That’s scam right there.

John Cross was also able to crack the code recently, and upon review is now benefiting from it since. Now he’s willing to share these methods to everyone – do you think this is scam, or just honesty?

Apparently his new scam software emulates the trading “style” of world markets to generate daily profits. Upon review, it can earn as much as $1,500 to $5,300 in a day given the right trades.

Intriguing, right? And there’s more to it than that – and sadly, it’s scam. Look at our review of the video below.

 Click Trade App – Scam “Promise”

Click Trade App – Scam “Promise”

Overall in this review, his Click Trade App seems to be promising. If these were true. What does our review say? It’s scam. Read on our review to find out why it’s a scam.


Click Trade App: Real Promises?

John Cross says that while his app does look promising, upon review it has its limitations. Firstly, his “subscribers” will have to pay 0.50% of their profits every three months.

Seems to be a fair trade, but if you review your options, it’s too small for things such as maintenance and repair.

Being a partner of John Cross allows you access to Click Trade App in its full glory. Upon review, this means it can even double or triple money in three months.

There’s even a sheer lack of testimonials and review to say this is not scam. How do we even see if things work or review our progress, if we all we get from his websites are random graphs we don’t understand?

The good thing is that Click Trade App doesn’t need you to have experience. Upon review it runs on autopilot and decides your trades for you. The service is even free of charge!

Now this is where everything else falls apart. What does the rest of our review say?

 Click Trade App – Scam Account

Click Trade App – Scam Account

In the first place, John Cross expects us to believe that he’s created a software that can emulate a market’s “style” much more his “mentality,” without having to review it.

This is not something even the experts in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence has come up with nor review. Upon review, even Siri, as sophisticated as she seems, has her limitations.

John Cross cannot seriously expect us to believe he’s created a working artificial intelligence and just offer access without any kind of service charge and review.

 Click Trade App Scam “Earners”

Click Trade App Scam “Earners”

Even the “praises” do not seem to add up. Upon review, it’s a top software and secured based on what standards? What’s the award giving body?

You cannot expect us to trust your scam software just by plastering a medal on your website, and without a single review!

 Click Trade App Scam Evidence

Click Trade App Scam Evidence

And if John Cross did build such a powerful software, wouldn’t the government have its hands on this already? And if not, why aren’t we earning so much money and instead reading a review like this?

Well, if it exists, it’s a scam. But basic scam red flags such as this are extreme triggers that his website alone is fake, and his software is also a scam.

There’s even no explanation as to how his scam software works! And I hate to break it to John Cross, but he’s an actor working for Fiverr, and he “makes” testimonies for $5.


Click Trade App Scam: Red Alert!

Is Click Trade App worth your money? No, because the logic that someone’s built a supercomputer to earn money just doesn’t add up.

It’s also highly dubious that the video evidence appears to be fabricated upon review, and even the testimonials appear to be highly set up. This is a scam.

There’s just too much scam red flags in the software for us to even trust it. This review stands by its conclusion: John Cross’s Click Trade App is a scam.