ClickTradeApp Scam Review: Does the $250 Trial Really Work

Is the $250 trial version legit? Read till the end and watch as I lay it bare.

The CEO of the ClickTrade App John Cross made a blunt statement that ClickTrade App is not a scam and unlike any other Binary Options Application. I have heard similar claims in the video presentation of other products, so I’ll be really careful, and ponder different aspect to make a logical conclusion.

ClickTrader App incorporates Algobitex which scan the best market opportunities, on average the app makes from $1,500 up to $5,300 profit per day. They are promising and outrageous amount of money. So let’s see is it a real deal or another scam.


To be quite honest the presentation doesn’t appear to be impressive and is bit poor. If you watch the video closely you will notice that John Cross isn’t actually in the house, but this video might have been recorded in some studio with green screen.  The edges of the character are blurry which makes it pretty evident that he is not in the place appearing in his background. Now I am not suggesting that this makes the offer scam automatically yet. What I’m suggesting is it doesn’t give good first impression.

If John Cross is real CEO of ClickTradeApp why hasn’t he recorded the video in his own home or office?

Well because he doesn’t want to be in front of the camera and that might be the reason he hired an actor from Fiverr.

Actor Hired From Fiverr

How ClickTradeApp Actually Work

John clearly mentioned that his binary options system is based on Algobitex. The strategy isn’t based on any glitch or loophole that take advantage of binary trading.  However, he didn’t mention how exactly the system work or at least a brief overview of the underlying trading system. Moreover, googling Algobitex doesn’t provide any useful information on what exactly it is.

This makes me cautious because most the scams are done this way. They really never share the exact backend system. The only information about Algobitex is it only trades when the best opportunity is around.

Proof of ClickTrade App Making Big Sums

Few minutes into the presentation the CEO John Cross show his ClickTrade App account and his broker account with the withdrawals he’d made. The withdrawals are impressive up to $54,300 in a single month. However, he didn’t show his bank statement with the incoming funds which make me dubious of the claims. Nevertheless, the withdrawal proof is not a screenshot which could be photoshopped easily but rather screen recording of the binary options broker.

ClickTrade App Proof

Are the Testimonials Real or another Scam?

As per the presentation video, ClickTrade has more than 1000 users. The video feature couple of testimonials of the user but without the proof of the users earning.

clicktradepro testimonial actor

They are fake testimonials I did found one of the actors offering his service on Fiverr.

testimonial fiverr service

I keep track of all the people offering testimonial service on Fiverr but cannot recognize the other person face. So chances are he could be genuine or more likely hired from some other service.

What about Trial Account – Is it also a Rip-off?

The biggest claim he made is you can have a trial account of $250 for free. So it’s an irresistible offer and we thought to give it a try.

ClickTradeApp 250 trial account

Once you turn on the app on demo account it will start executing trades and it grew our $250 demo balance into $988 within just a few minutes.  Remember that this is trial account and the balance is not real. What I found really suspicious is that the trades opened from the signals, never show the currency pair current market rate i.e. bid or ask. So you never know that these signals were real or just a mock animation.

Let’s say The USD/JPY is trading at 113.3786, you get a buy signal, and trade closes profitably. So you have a way to check the price and forecast direction and actual closing price on any other price feeds. But unfortunately, ClickTrade App neither show the current price of the asset nor the direction of the signal i.e. either it’s a buy or sell signal. So I seriously doubt the credibility of free demo account they are offering.

After the 10 trial trades, you have to make a deposit in order to activate a pro-version.

So my conclusion about ClickTrade is there aren’t strong proof that the app work and trial $250 account appears more like mock trades without the market price and direction. So I will suggest you stay away from ClickTrade and not to throw any money. It isn’t worth it.

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