Cobalt Code is scam binary options trading software. I’m sure you have heard about Cobalt Code and you are really impressed by their video. But let me tell you what I have found again and again with binary options scam. They have really persuasive video guaranteeing everything for just your name and email.  This is the case with CobaltCode as well. It has a really enticing video to lure you in and ask you for just your name and email for the promised free system. Only to found later that you need to fund an account with their trusted broker. Stay with me and I will expose this scam right in front of your eyes.

Cobalt Code Scam Binary

Grant Stone who claims to be the inventor of the system. He uses to slave away in cobalt mines of Madagascar and Katanga. His job was like hell in which he worked for around 20 years. Stone further claims that he developed the Cobalt Code using his prior knowledge of cobalt mining. He developed a trading robot which will earn you $12,875 a day. Now, these claims are outrageous. The video starts with a testimonial by a paid actor followed by Expensive cars and luxurious mansion. This is how most of the scam works. They want to spur your desire by showing luxurious items which you always wanted. Then suck you in by your irrational decision after your burst of emotions. But now as you read this review I’ll let you know why is it completely rational to avoid Cobalt Code.

Watch the video for first few minutes and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Luxury toys with price tag followed by testimonial it is scammers modus operandi.

Fiverr Fake Testimonial Exposed

First thing first, the testimonials are fake. They are recorded by paid actors over Fiverr who earn nothing more than $5 per testimonials.

Cobalt Code Scam Main Screen

Now Look closely the video starts with a testimonial from Brandley Hopkins who claims to be making a killing simply by using the App. Now as you already know by now there is not a single grain of truth in his words. He is just an actor hired from Fiverr. Watch the image below, which lists his services at Fiverr.

Cobalt Code Fiverr Scam

This is a telltale sign that even the people featured in the video haven’t made a dime from Cobalt Code. The lavish item which followed is nothing but a stock video reused in the pitch video.

Truth About Grant Stone

Cobalt Code Scam Binary grant stone

Apart from the outrageous story, Grant Stone is also a fictions character. Probably done by some paid actor reading script crafted by scammer to dupe innocent people. I have searched the internet but found nothing about him or this company. Actually what I really found out were a bunch of bad review on different forum. Those reviews were posted by real people who has actually used Cobalt Code software.

Misleading Facts About Cobalt Code

In the pitch video, Grant mentioned that the metal on our phones is Cobalt. This is nothing wrong with it but only till here. What he said further is misleading. He proclaimed that he is trading this metal and making a killing. This can’t be any further from the truth. I have checked with different brokers and their response was similar. Cobalt is not available for trading by any broker. So, you are not sure what strategy they will use on an asset that simply doesn’t exist. You have no control, the app only flashes to give you signal on fake assets. All you can do is turn them on or off.


Backend Broker

All that they say in the pitch video is nothing but plain lies. The app isn’t free; you need to deposit at least $250 with the broker. Now I was sure as they are offering fake asset their trusted broker will untrustworthy as well. I was right on the bulls’ eye. The broker they recommended is unlicensed. Not regulated by any government body. Another shady practice of the broker was they mentioned UK mailing address which is, in fact, is only a mailbox registered in UK.

Verdict and Summary

Cobalt Code is full of lies. The story of slaving in mine is outrageous. It makes no connection how working in mines make him an expert at trading. Secondly, the metal Cobalt is not available for trading with any broker. They have make up an entire fake asset which isn’t offered by any trusted and regulated brokers. And finally, the testimonials are done by paid actor. There isn’t any credible proof that the system actually works.

My verdict is Cobalt Code is scam software. Stay away from it, there is no doubt. They are claiming something that is not only far-fetched but unrealistic. Making $90,000 in just 5 days is just an outrageous claim. Do not even give them a try, they are not even worth a try. Unless you want to burn your hard earned money.

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