CogniTrade Scam – Fake Testimonials Exposed

CogniTrade scam is just a unique scamming point for the same old binary app that that doesn’t work. Now there is nothing new with the app it is just a cheap 3rd party app. The only twist is with the sales pitch and some minor software facelift.


Just like a typical binary options scam CogniTrade landing page is making an outrageous claim around $1,500 every day. Secondly, just below the signup form, there are fake logos. Which does nothing when clicked and are only to send subliminal trust message.

Moreover, the Landing page claims that it doesn’t require any credit card or PayPal, this is only half truth. Sure you won’t need a credit card for signup but after signup, in order to access the app, you need to fund an account with a binary broker of their choice.

CogniTrade Scam Exposed

The main character in the video Cameron Doyle is a fake character and a paid actor. The script of the video is nothing but bunch lies weaved with half-truth. Cameron Doyle is claiming that his software is 100% risk-free. Now it’s a very well known that no investment is without risk.

Cameron-Doyle -cognitrade-scam

Fiverr Fake Testimonial

I can provide proof after proof that this is a scam system, but I will provide you one more undeniable proof which will unveil the entire hoax.


Few minutes into the video you will hear the lady vouching for the CogniTrade app. Testimonials are telltale signs, if the app is really profitable and making money for ordinary guys than for sure it can do the same for you. But in this case, it is just a fake testimonials. The scammer has hired an actor over Fiverr. There is not even a pinch of truth in the testimonial. Check her Fiverr profile offering testimonials service.fiverr-actor-cognitrade-scam

The image above clearly proves that CogniTrade hasn’t made any profits for her. She is just faking it.

Final Words

Cameron Doyle (alias) system is fake, and scam. Their pitch video doesn’t even have a pinch of truth. In addition, the testimonials are fake, and the only reason is they don’t have any real person who has success with Congni Trade. Hence my advice is to check the system with positive review on this website. CogniTrade system is a complete waste of time and money.


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