Copy Buffett Review – Scam Binary Options Software

If you’ve wondered if Copy Buffett is a scam – you’re about to find out. I’m about to definitively reveal whether it can generate $1,978 per day in profit as it claims.

The answer will shock you.

Copy Buffett Fake Software

Copy Buffett says you can make $1,978 per day with their software.

What Is Copy Buffett? Is It Real Or Fake?

The premise of the Copy Buffett scam is simple. A man calling himself James Fin claims to have taken the world’s most successful investor – Warren Buffett – and “cracked his code.”

Mr. Fin – or whoever he truly is – claims you can use his software to earn weekly returns of $15,000. He goes on to state that it’s all thanks to his “free software.”

That raises a lot of questions. Let’s start with the supposed founder of Copy Buffett.

Who is James Fin?

Copy Buffett Scam Founder

Copy Buffett scam founder Jeremy Fin.

He claims to have been a programmer and an 18 year veteran of Silicon Valley. According to the glossy video at the Copy Buffett website, he’s worked for major tech companies.

The problem? A Linked In search found nobody named Jeremy Fin with the extensive tech background he claims. In all likelihood this man is just a paid actor.

Next let’s look at the binary option signal strategy itself.

Copy Buffett Fake Brain

The video says their app is based off of Warren Buffett’s actual trading.

The Copy Buffett scam video claims that they’ve based their strategy on Warren Buffett’s approach to investing. They even claim they’ve built an “artificial brain.”

Creating an A.I. like that has been the goal of computer science for decades – so I seriously doubt these guys have done it. Beyond that, their claim doesn’t even make sense.

Copy Buffett Artificial

Copy Buffett works with fake artificial intelligence.

In real life, Warren Buffett takes long term positions in companies – often holding his positions for decades. He does not actively trade in and out of the market.

Yet, that’s exactly what Copy Buffett does…

Copy Buffett Scam Free Trial

They claim it gives you 500 profitable trades per day.

It takes 500 trades per day! Warren Buffett might not take that many trades in an entire year. So whatever strategy they’re using, it has nothing to do with the real Oracle of Omaha.

James Fin also claims he spent 6 years and 4 months developing the Copy Buffett software. But according to a Whois search, the website has only been active since February.

Whatever this binary options trading tool is doing, it does it on autopilot.

Copy Buffett Trader Scam

Copy Buffett is just another binary auto trader scam.

Which means that when you turn it on, it just starts trading.

They promise that the app has incredible accuracy. The truth is that it’s barely 50/50 In The Money. So with payouts of 70-75%, you’ll actually lose money.

And with the auto-trading active, it’s basically like turning on a cash vacuum that sucks your account dry. It will steal at least the $250 minimum broker deposit from you.

Copy Buffett Scam Actors And Scam Software

Now let’s take a closer look at the claims they make in the video. First up, they say you can double or triple your money in three months with their binary option software.

Copy Buffett Scam Trading

They say you can double your money trading binary options in three months.

While those kinds of returns are possible with an honest binary options signal service – you should always be wary of big profit claims. They’re often a sign of a hidden scam.

As you continue into the video, they get more specific. They say you can earn $2,850 or even $5,700 in a single trade with the app. Obviously those are attractive numbers.

Copy Buffett Fake Earnings

The video shows fake “screenshots” of trades earning $2,850 per trade.

The problem? In order to cash out that much on a single trade you’d have to be risking thousands on each trade. That means losses of $3-5,000+ are also possible.

Then they get really aggressive and claim you can earn daily profits like this…

Copy Buffett Scam Video

The scam video claims you can make $582k in a single day.

That’s $582,914.05, or over half a million dollars.

No binary options trading system I’m aware of can produce daily profits like that without an absolutely enormous account. It certainly can’t – so I’m calling BS.

Like a lot of these “fly by night” binary scams – this one comes loaded with testimonials from people claiming to have made a fortune with the software.

Copy Buffett Fake Actress

This is “Margaret Rhiner” an actress hired for the Copy Buffett scam.

Take Margaret Rhiner for example who supposedly made $19,800 in her first month trading with Copy Buffett. I strongly suspect she’s an actress – and I have seen other videos with a woman who looks like her under a different name.

Copy Buffett Fake Testimonials

Our Copy Buffett review exposed all of their fake trading testimonials.

In fact, none of the Copy Buffett testimonials strike me as real.

Which brings us to…

Conclusion: Our Copy Buffett Review Exposes More Fraud

This is the end of my Copy Buffett review.

If you’ve read this far – you’ve probably guessed my verdict.

Copy Buffett is 100% fake.

Avoid the Copy Buffett scam, or you will lose money.

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