Crisis Trader Review – Is Crisis Trader Legit or a Scam?

Crisis Trader from its first impression looks like a typical binary options scam site. With a similar layout including a hook, pitch video and signup form. However, everybody knows that there are opportunities at the time of crisis. But the real question is does Crisis Trader actually exploit these opportunities and makes a profit. Or its underlying system has nothing to do with what they are claiming in the pitch video.

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First of all, the most annoying thing about Crisis Trader is its popup. If you try to move away from their website, it will give you an irritating popup. The popup is only common with the scam sites. This shows that the scammer behind CrisisTrader is desperate to squeeze your email address, so he can continuously spam you. Hence this is a bad sign for Crisis Trader.


Proof of Scam

Henry Stone who is claiming to be the CEO of CrisisTrader is just a make believe name. There is no record of him over any social media. And another proof that will unveil the entire scam is the picture of Henry Stone is just a stock image.


The picture is a stock image of a model, just like all other binary scam Crisis Trader is also under the disguise of a fake identity. Check it for yourself.


Strategy Behind Crisis Trader

The sales pitch video keeps on guaranteeing outrageous amounts like $14,000 weekly profits or $2,000 in profits daily. However, the pitch video shed no light on the real strategy behind the Crisis Trader. And this is because for a reason. Just like all the other binary options scam, Crisis Trader it just giving out a third party app. The app doesn’t have any unique trading strategy, hence the name Crisis Trader is to give a slight twist and scam even more people. (also called unique selling proposition)

In addition, there is no verifiable proof that the CrisisTrader App actually makes money apart from fabricated statement on their members’ page.



Crisis Trader pitch video is even lying about the person behind it. The only reason they are not depicting the real mind behind CrisisTrader is because it plainly doesn’t work at all. Finally, the proof is insufficient, and cannot be verified. I have seen such proof hundreds of time and it all turns out to be fabricated. Lastly, don’t buy a single word in their sales pitch video. It is all lie and not to waste your hard money with them.

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