Crunch Tech – Consistent Profits Scam

Consistent Profits website layout looks professional. However, the real question is either Crunch Tech app actually makes money or is it yet another scam? Read the entire review while I expose this app and its real money making potential.

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First of all, the social media buttons are bogus. If you will click Facebook, Instagram or any other button I will only ask you to fill up the signup form. Crunch Tech or Consistent Profits don’t have any social media presence where people can share their review.

Secondly, the hook just above the signup form is claiming $4,500 in profits per week. However, there is no proof of its earning, either verifiable or non-verifiable.

Crunch Tech is a scam by same con-artists who were promoting NEO 2 scam. The Crunch Tech pitch video is uploaded using the same account used to upload NEO2 scam. All person featured in the video are paid, actors.


You will notice same actors in multiple videos using a different alias. This clearly proves that the app is a fraudulent app and the person claiming to be the founder is a fictitious person.


Is It Free for 90 Days?

Just like a typical binary options app which comes free forever, Crunch Tech is only free for 90 days. Trust me, you will scrap the app in less than 10 days. And within 90 days it will vanish your deposit multiple times. So don’t trust anything Crunch Tech has to say. Moreover, in order to access the free for 90 days’ app you need to fund an account with their choice of broker.

What is the Strategy Behind Crunch Tech?

The strategy behind the Crunch Tech is a hoax. It is pretty similar to the Neo2 scam. The app uses satellite to forecast the weather and corresponding binary options asset price. This is just a disgraceful fraud. It is just a made up strategy with paid actors. The system has nothing to do with the weather and it a straight loss-making system. The satellite forecasting clip is also stock footages.



In conclusion, the crunch tech is a scam system. It will only part you with your hard-earned money. After few profitable traders, the broker will call you to deposit even more. And then you will see how the efficiency of the app takes nose drive. Finally, it is nothing but a big sophisticated scam.

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