Crypto Trader Review – Binary Cryptocurrency Scam

First of all, Crypto Trader implies that it is really different. However, what they are actually offering is a binary options trading app, which trades Crypto Currencies options. Read the complete review, as I expose CryptoTrader and reveal its actual money making potential.

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Like I’ve already said Crypto Trader is a binary options trading app which trades Crypto Currencies. If you don’t know what Crypto Currencies are, then let me give a very brief overview. Basically, cryptocurrency is a piece of computer code that works like currency. Transferring that piece of code is similar to transferring money. The Cryptocurrency code is very secure and sophisticated. Unlike regular currency, there aren’t any bank or intermediaries involved.

Whereas, with Crypto Trader app you don’t actually buy the cryptocurrency but a binary option of it. Meaning if the prices go in the forecasted direction the app makes a profit.

Proof of Scam

I am sure the overview sounds interesting, and the pitch video is appealing. But there are few things that you should look. In fact, the money making claims and many other things in the sales video is nothing but a lie.

David Richmond who has been making outrageous claims is just an actor. David Richmond who is claiming to be a self-made millionaire and CEO of “Richmond Venture” is false. I have search Richmond Venture and have found no such company.

The sales pitch video start with stock images and footage from another binary scam. The 43 complete strangers he made millionaire is also a lie.  The images of people in front of the private jet is a stock image.


Check the image is available on which proves that the scammer behind CryptoTrader is giving false impression that the actor somehow made these people millionaires.


Moreover, the footage of the jet is also a stock footage to entice you into the scam.



David Richmond is paid actor, his claim about the company is a fabrication.


There is no proof that his app works and the testimonials are also done using Fiverr actors. In addition, there is no other verifiable proof. Hence, my advice is not to deposit your money with their scammy broker. There are already lots of complaints regarding this app over different forums.

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