Currency Trading Master – Is it worth Subscribing?

Currency Trading Master is a trading recommendation service by Alberto Pau. But the real question is how profitable the signals are and what is the success rate of the trade recommendation once you subscribe to the service.

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Currency Trading Master is a signal service, which gives trade recommendation. Apart from there is very little information about how the actual trading strategy works. There is only information about how the market performed during different periods including the crisis. However, there is no real information about how the strategy profited from these events. In addition, there is no detail about the underlying trading strategy or algorithm.

How Much the Subscription Cost

The subscriptions cost $39.95. What you get when you make a purchase is, a trade recommendation plus a new trading strategy every two weeks. The payments are processed using Clickbank so it comes with 30 days’ money back guarantee. Remember it is a subscription based service meaning they are going to bill you every month.


Proof of Performance

When it comes to proof there is nothing which can establish the profitability of Currency Trading Master. There are only irrelevant charts on the sales page. And nothing that can develop real credibility. There is no proof of any kind, either past statement, verified or unverified. Or recent trades. Moreover, there is not even a single testimonial which can establish that the system did work for somebody or at least someone has profitable results being a member.


The website only shows how trading in and out on some past events had been so profitable. But they are just giving you indirect clue. They didn’t profited from the price swings themselves, neither they are promising that their trading strategy would do so. Because there is no proof of it. They are just giving an indirect suggestion.

Who Is Behind the System

Alberto Pau is the guy behind Currency Trading Masters. He has nothing to do with trading but in actual is a marketer promoting worthless forex trading system and indicators.



There is no point in subscribing to this service. It is totally waste of time, and if you aren’t lucky enough then a waste of money as well. Finally, there is no proof that the signals and trading systems they are selling actually works. There is no performance record of it. Hence, my advice is to totally skip Currency Trading Masters.

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