Cyber System Scam – Brave New Deceit

Cyber System scam is binary options trading app. What they are promoting on the main page is a binary broker. Recently I have received spam emails promoting this system. The system looks immediately scammy. The matrix look and feel is anything but professional.

CyberSystem Website:


Cyber System Scam Overview:

Cyber System scam video starts with a wired guy sitting in front of the camera wearing blue hoodie and shades. His alias is Joshua and said he is about to show his face. Anyways, he never reveals his full face.

The video again is done very unprofessionally. He appears to be a reading script. The video is not only boring but also wired. This is the most wired binary options sales video I have ever seen. It feels like he is doing something illegal from his basement.

The video starts by telling the basic information about binary information trading. Nothing fancy about it. He is just sharing the basic of binary options trading. And afterward the typical binary options get rich quick lines starts. How you can get our of debt, kick off your lousy job and change your life.

What is the system Behind Cyber System?

Seriously after 11 minutes’ video, I am still unsure what the system is based on. The person in the pitch video Joshua is claiming that he hacked into wall street. Then what? So did he discover some secret system or the software he is offering itself trades by hacking the wall street. The entire video is baloney.

Should it be trusted?

The claims have no proof. There is neither a fake or real proof of anything. So it is really hard to say if it really works. Usually, with binary options system, there are lots of testimonials, trades logs, bank statement, and all kind of different proof which could be verified. However, in the case of Cyber System, there isn’t even a morphed system demonstration. I believe the only reason; he hasn’t shown any proof of earning is because he doesn’t have any.

Now, If you will try googling Joshua, you will find negative review and people telling their horror stories, who they were scammed from this con-artist. The Cyber System app itself has many negative feedback.

Moreover, the system isn’t free. Just like the typical scam you need to open and fund a new account with shady binary options broker. When I filled up the form I was asked to fund an account with UTrader. Now U Trader binary options broker isn’t regulated.

Final Works

Finally, there are lots questions marks when it comes to Cyber System scam. The biggest one is there is no proof of the claim. Secondly, the internet is littered with their negative reviews. And thirdly, the broker they are promoting in the backend is shady. Hence, my advice straight forward doesn’t trust this website. And do not make a mistake by depositing any money with their broker.

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