Delta Star System Review – Scam busted with Proof

Delta Star Systems without any doubt a scam site. It is a confirmed hoax and will only rip you off with your hard earned money. Now, I can understand you can’t see anything outright fishy on their sales pages. And in fact, few of you might have been persuaded by the sleek copy and are just about to buy it. But wait and read this entire article, I will expose this horrendous scam with ironclad proof of their ill intention.

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Delta Star System is a forex trading system which comes with a custom indicator. The custom indicator could be deployed on the chart over Meta Trader 4 platform. The indicator when deployed over the chart will give trade entry and exit signals. It is a manual trading strategy which means the EA will not place trade automatically.

As per the sales page, the strategy will work on all currency pairs and timeframe. The page further claims that it is an excellent strategy for scalping and long term trading. Anyone with a sane mind will automatically understand how paradoxical these claims are.


Proof of Scam

For any strategy to proof itself that it has been trading profitably consistently, it must share trading statement. But there is a catch most scammers out there will, however, publish their statement.

Nevertheless, their statement is just misrepresentation of actual trading results. Meaning it is either fabricated or generating using backtests results using curving fitting strategy. One way to completely bust any doubt is to publish a statement that is verified by 3rd party like MyFxBook. Alas, in the of Delta Star System the statement isn’t verified and I seriously doubt its credibility.

Secondly, the next proof of scam I am about to disclose will complete unveil this horrendous so call profitable trading system. Yes, you guess it right the testimonials. The testimonials are anything but honest user opinion. Just like any other kind of proof.


The guy in the video testimonial is a paid actor hired from Fiverr.


The screenshot above is from Fiverr where the Delta Star System reviewer has listed his service to record testimonials starting from just 5 dollar.


Finally, Delta Start System is scam system which has been already busted above. Their trading strategy is unsound, claims unreal, and proof fabricated. No one with a sane mind should trust this black sheep. Hence, my advice is to stay miles away from this professional scam.

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