Direct Signals Review – Binary Options Signals Scam

First of all, Direct Signals website looks completely different than a typical binary options site. Rather than using a scammy pitch video the website different offer signup page. But the real question is, what about the performance of the DirectSignals? Does it really work as claimed on the main landing page, or the results are akin to typical scam app? Read the complete review to find out if DirectSignals is a real deal and honest review about its performance.

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Direct Signals is a web-based automated binary options trading application. On the main landing page, they are claiming 82% accuracy of direct signals trading strategy. Meaning out of every 100 trades, 82 ends profitable, whereas only 18 trades close unprofitable. This is a really outrageous claim, 82% winning trade isn’t easy to achieve in binary trading. Unless and until the underlying strategy behind the app is exceptional.

Underlying Trading Strategy

There isn’t much information provided about the strategy. All the website state is that trading system is based on RSI, Bollinger bands and Fibonacci Ratios and more. However, these are just very common indicators which you can apply to any asset free of cost over Meta Trader. The system also allows you to trade multiple assets including stocks, forex, commodities, and indices.


Proof of Winning Trades

The website is inconsistent with the claims about the winning trades percentage. On the very top, they are claiming that the strategy has 82% winning percentage. Whereas, just below it, there is another claim about the performance stating that it has 90% profitable outcome. The worst part is there is proof that could back up the winning percentage of the strategy. Neither the website mentions any testimonials with people who had profitable results or content with the performance. Secondly, there is no statement which could establish the strategy profitability on different trading assets.


Unregulated Broker

In order to use the app, you need to deposit money with Direct Signals Broker. The broker which I was suggested to open and fund an account with wasn’t regulated. The unregulated broker isn’t licensed to operated and has no government body to oversight their activity. Trading automatically with a broker which isn’t trustworthy could be really dangerous.


Finally, Direct Signals app is really shady. The results are a mix. Most forums have negative reviews about their app. There is no proof of the trading results and testimonials which could be verified. In addition, the broker in the backend isn’t trustable. Moreover, the profitability of the app isn’t established and there is mix review with some signs of a complete scam. Hence, I would suggest you look past DirectSignals.

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