Review Of Disrupt Trading – Is It A Scam?

Disrupt Trading Software Review- In the recent years, many companies like Disrupt Trading have surfaced, with software that claims to automatically make investments for you. They typically claim to use a fancy artificial intelligence algorithm. This means that you can invest your money throughout the day, safely, and without running any risks, as the algorithm supposedly gets better and better over time.

Scam Software Fake Company Logo

Fake logo for a fake binary company.

Lots of comments and fake investors have taken this as an opportunity to offer software performs better and can make you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in a single day. Disrupt Trading is one of these such companies, and it stinks of fraud. We’ve taken the task to expose them as the scam they really are.

But What Is Disrupt Trading All About?

scam binary trading tool

Scam profits from a scam binary trading tool.

In their homepage at, visitors are presented with an auto-play video that first shows a fishy testimonial. The man claims he’s made almost $150 thousand dollars in just 10 days of using the software, which is a completely outrageous amount. Any entry-level investor should already know this.

It’s just not possible to make that much money in such a short span, and that’s already a very bad sign of what’s coming. And that’s just the first sign of the Disrupt Trading scam, there’s even more to come.

After the testimonial, we receive a speech from the founder of Disrupt Trading, a man who presents himself as Greg Hardman. He claims he used stolen technology, from a company he previously worked on, to develop the Disrupt Trading binary option algorithm. That’s not just improbable, but also downright illegal. Even if everything else he said was true, this claim alone would be proof of his slimy intentions.

binary option scam fake testimonials

A set of supposed testimonials for this binary option scam.

More Evidence Of Disrupt Trading’s Fuzzy Scheme

Below the video, there’s a collection of testimonials about Disrupt Trading’s supposed magic money making system. But after we searched their names and tried to find out anything more about these people, there was nothing relevant coming up.

Scam Software Fake testimonials

Proof that the video testimonials are from actors.

Moreover, after doing a reverse search of the images, we found the same profile picture being used for OTHER fake testimonials for different binary apps. After seeing it shares this blatantly fake testimonial with other scam services, it’s already obvious you should stay away from this site, and any other one that has this many red flags.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they have many of the typical signs that other scam investment companies use on their websites, including but not limited to:

  • Fake security seals
  • Impossibly good features with no reality whatsoever
  • A quick form that only asks for name and email at first

The service itself is presented as completely free. But as soon as you fill in your data and login to your account, you’re presented with a message saying that in order to start you have to make a $250 investment to a particular binary broker. That’s the common denominator in all of these binary options scams.

Confirmed: Disrupt Trading Is A SCAM

This seals the deal for Disrupt Trading. It’s clearly nothing more than a con planned by abusive scammers, who trick you into making extremely unsafe investments with promises of overnight riches. Like most of the binary option trading systems online, it offers too much for way too little. It’s an extremely unsafe investment that you should avoid.

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