Dream Profits App Review: Watch Out for this New Scam!

In today’s review we are going to check Matthew Warner and his new Dream Profits App app. Apparently upon review this can help us earn as much $4,250 in automated trades every night, without scam!

He’s looking for 15 lucky individuals to be a part of this journey, and upon review anyone interested can sign up below. Seems scam enough? Let’s see in this review.

Of course we’d all like to be in it for the money, but upon review will Dream Profits App hold up or is this just another scam? Let the review begin.

 Dream Profits App Scam Introduction

Dream Profits App Scam Introduction

Dream Profits App is advertised as a capable automated trading software. Upon review It makes your transactions for you by the best set of signals. It trades and review the signals for you. Doesn’t seem scam enough.

Of course this is all in theory and we have to review it. Now upon review Matthew Warner insists that Dream Profits App is not only equipped with a “super fast” connection, it also has “bare metal” performance. But is this scam?

He said through the help of Dream Profits App, his clients can become overnight millionaires without so much as a review or a knowledge-base. It’s extremely easy to use, upon review with clients earning $42.94 in just 38 seconds. Sadly, not for a scam.

Seems promising, right? But read along and see where nice review ends and scam begins.

What is Dream Profits App?

Matthew Warner says in his scam video that he’s an expert entrepreneur. Apparently upon review some guy named Alejandro Mendez gave him an opportunity and taught him how to trade. So was Matthew Warner in a scam as well?

Fair enough. With an investment of $1.2 million for Dream Profits App, he was able to make a robust scam system that upon review helped him claim a net worth of $27 million in his account. Unless this is a scam.

Dream Profits App can be used upon review without training or experience, as well as without prior market knowledge. All clients need to do is press a button, as everything is automatic – the poor clients are in a scam.

The aforementioned $42.94 every 38 seconds can skyrocket upon review 100-times depending on the time of the day and the condition of the market. Can a system really do that much? If we review it, not that much – unless it’s scam.

It even has a manual trading feature. You can simply turn off the Auto-Trade feature and upon review choose your trades yourself. But how can you trade if you don’t know how, right? Dream Profits App is leading you right into a scam.

 Dream Profits App Scam Account

Dream Profits App Scam Account

Overall, Dream Profits App seems to be promising. If these were true. This is where the scam starts. Let’s move on with the review.

Dream Profits App – Are its claims true?

He claims he already has a net worth of $27 million on his bank account, but upon review the video very rarely shows him with anything luxurious.

The only evidence we’ll ever have of any amount of riches is “Alejandro Mendez,” and upon review we don’t even know who he is!

Apparently Dream Profits App offers a 24/7 application support for anyone who needs help, and upon review there’s a poor lady in the front page that is apparently a “live trader.”

A text below shows a handwritten letter from Matthew upon review asking you to trust him and join his cause. And we all know we can just get an empty template of a paper and type on it.

 Dream Profits App Scam “Earners”

Dream Profits App Scam “Earners”

Matthew Warner also tells us that upon review although there’s no initial investment, members suddenly have to pay $5,997 for the set up of the software by the time they file for an IPO.

Dream Profits App upon review even has a maintenance fee of $500 per month. Now while this may make sense, since big softwares need maintenance fees, this is ridiculously overkill.

Firstly, no one knows when the IPO will exactly be, and who the 15 “lucky” members are. Obviously the $5,997++ is an investment, so upon review the software will require you to spend money eventually.

And a simple research tells us that there’s no Matthew Warner, certainly not one that looks like the guy on the screen. And upon review Alejandro Mendez doesn’t exist either, nor is he “famous.”

 Dream Profits App “Promise”

Dream Profits App “Promise”

Matthew wants us to trust him because of is system’s “accuracy” but we barely know how it works. There are no demonstrations whatsoever.

The video only seems to highlight the money anywhere, everywhere. But upon review there’s no demonstration what exactly will be done once we have access to the application.

 Dream Profits App Scam System

Dream Profits App Scam System

There are even 15 slots “left” when upon review hundreds of us could be viewing and be interested in the slot right now. Since this is free, and upon review we only need a short survey registration, what’s the criteria for choosing?

And upon review, the mere fact that he only needs a survey is suspicious. This can be a phishing scam in itself, where upon review they get our personal info to access our accounts.

Dream Profits App Scam: Money Stealer Confirmed!

Is Dream Profits App worth your money? No, because the investments are too risky for promises that may never be even true! This is scam, and this review proves it.

The red flags in the website scream scam, and this is most likely a phishing scam. This review concludes that we have to keep our money safer from people like Matthew Warner.

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