Dream System Scam Exposed – Binary Options App Review

Dream Profits is an automated binary options trading app. Whenever I see pictures of dollar bills in the background or in the pitch video, I immediate know something is fishy. In the case of Dream System app, I will provide you complete factual information. So make sure you read the entire review.

Official Website: https://dreamsystem.co/



First of all, the overall theme is pretty similar to typical binary scam. The hook is no different than a get rich quick scheme. The claims made in the hook is unbelievable, $150,000 in a single month. Definitely, they should have verifiable proof in order to back up this claims. But the irony is they have none. In addition, giving out such an incredible software for free sounds too good to be true.

Proof of Scam

Secondly, just after the claims of making millions with this free app, the video features a paid actor. The guy claiming to be a millionaire and the founder of Dream System is Matthew Warner. Matthew Warner a 49 years old Wall Street Trader is a fictitious character. The role is done by an actor you can see in the pitch video. The claims about his net worth of $27 Million Dollars is also false. I have googled him and found nothing. Moreover, there are no social media profiles of him.


The only thing I found was countless reviews which share the stories how his guy ripped them off. What they are conducting is a very clever and dangerous scam. The real users have nothing but their rip off stories to share.


The live member and live trades are simply a simulated script. The live members only show the same member no matter at what time you access the app with similar profits. Whereas the live trades statement is updated manually without actually being live. So you can see the level of lies on their sales page.

Is it Free?

Nope. The app is anything but free, what have told you about the survey and free app is nothing but a lie. In order to access the app, you need to hand over your hard earned money to their scammy broker. Now the worst part is the broker they are promoting isn’t even licensed and regulated. You at least need to put $250 with the broker of their choice in order to trade using the app.



Finally, I would like to reiterate that Dream System App is a confirmed scam. There are hundreds of complaints regarding their app which does nothing other than making consistent losses. Hence, don’t make the same mistake like other by depositing your hard earned money with them.

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