Dubai Lifestyle App Review – Scam Aware

Dubai Lifestyle App is getting a lot of attention these days. I am going to be really upfront, the website isn’t looking professional from the start. The spot remaining is just there to create scarcity whereas the time remaining is used to create urgency.

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If you try to move your website away, you will receive a pop-up.


The logos which sit there and does nothing when you click are another telltale sign of a scam. These logos only help scammers to build trust at a subliminal level. People think McAfee won’t put their logo on something scammy, so it might be a real deal. Again the logos are strategically placed below the sign-up form.


Owner and CEO of Dubai Lifestyle App

If you scroll the page even lower you will find the image of the owner and CEO of Dubai lifestyle app Scott Hathaway. The image they are using on their website is fake.


The image is purchased from stock images, a little google image search will reveal exactly where the image is taken from. So let me do this for you.


You can see in the image above that, it is taken from Dreamtime. Which is a clear prove that the website tells nothing except lies? Why they don’t want to show who is the real owner of App. There is only one reason the App is a scam and doesn’t work, that’s why.

Dubai Lifestyle App Claims

The claims these con-artists are making is incredible. $7000 a day is unbelievable especially without any proof that could be verified to back up the claim. This is another lie. Don’t get suck into it. The sales page filled with lies after lies. They are Desperate to sign you up that’s why the popup keeps on appearing.

Another lie is that the app is free. It can’t be further from the truth. First of all, the software is a piece of crap without any proof that it actually makes money. Secondly, in order to get your hands on to the app you need to fund a trading account with the broker of their choice. Needless to say, the broker isn’t trustworthy. There are zero chances that you will be able to withdraw at least what you have deposited let along profits they are guaranteeing.


Dubai Lifestyle App is blacklisted. Their website is filled with lies, that I have already given you proof of. With all honesty this an unbiased review. I would strongly recommend you not to put your hard earned money with them. Dubai Lifestyle App is a clear scam.

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