Dux Forex Signals Scam – Irrefutable Proof Inside

From the very first impression, the Dux Forex Signals looks very unprofessional. But there are few things about the website, hidden from plain sight. It is a very dangerous scam. Needless to say, the signals are worthless and will only pile up loss after loss. Read this full review, and will show undeniable proof which will unveil this deceitful system.

Website Link: http://www.duxforexsignals.com/cb/



First of all, Dux Forex Signals is a web based signal software. The way it works is you get signals on their website, which you have to manually execute over your trading account. The signal also specifies its stoploss and takeprofit levels.


Not only that, you can receive the signals on your cell phone as well.


Are The Signals Really Profitable?

To be honest there is no way to confirm that. In order to have trust in the signals, it should be, from a professional trader. However, the website doesn’t even give the slightest clue about the person behind the signals, or what his experience is in forex trading.

Moreover, there is no trading statement which can establish the long term profitability of the strategy. The sales letter only depicts few trades. By the way, these are only drawing on the chart, and not actual trades.

What about the Testimonials?

Furthermore, The testimonials are fake as three dollar bill. Let me give you undeniable proof that the testimonials are fabricated.


Just like a typical scam website, the testimonials are all forged. The images are stolen off the internet and the feedback fabricated. Take Tim Hughes, his image is stolen and repurposed for this testimonials. I back searched the photo of Tim Hughes on Google images. This is what it come up with.


This clearly proves that the testimonials are forged. The same goes with the other testimonials as well.


Finally, DuxForexSignals is an obvious scam. There is no statement. No credential or profile of traders behind the signals. Lastly, the testimonials are phony. Hence, my advice is to stay away from this dangerous scam. Hence, it will only depart you from your hard earned money. Even if you test the signals on a demo account and asks for a refund later you will still lose your precious time.

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